Please note that this feature is not included for the Legacy licences

The history log allows you to keeps track of changes in Rentman. It shows what was changed, who did it, and when. As an example, it helps you see any adjustments made to a project, like any changes in the planning of equipment. This way, you can easily spot and understand any changes, making it simpler to manage your business via Rentman.

You can find the History log in projects and also on each crew member's page.

Please note that you can only see the history log for crew members only if you have Crew Scheduling Pro.

How it works

In the history log, you can find an organized list of changes per save. The changes made within each save are then grouped by where they were made.



The Saves section, on the left side, shows all saves grouped by 1-hour intervals and the user that made the changes. 

The Changes section, on the right, shows, per save, if something has been:

  • added_oyeah.pngAdded
  • added.pngModified
  • Deleted.png Deleted


The changes are shown on different levels: 

  1. Tab: The top level shows the tab where the change has been made (e.g, General, Time schedule, date, etc.)
  2. Group: If the change was made to a group (e.g. equipment group in project) or to an item (e.g. equipment item in project), the group will be the next level that is displayed.
  3. Item: If the change was made to an item, the item will be displayed in the next level.
  4. Field: The final level shows which field inside the item was changed.

The changes

The old value (before the change was made) and the new value (value after the change was made) can be viewed in dedicated columns.




Why don't I see changes from before activating the history log?
Due to the large amount of data that is involved in tracking every change in thousands of accounts, changes are only tracked after the history log is activated for an account.
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