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Our weekly updates

Version 339


  • You can now see the name of the location in the planning popup in My Schedule. Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • You are now able to save filter presets in the warehouse overview. Equipment Tracking Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • You are able search for containers by entering or scanning their QR code in the search bar. Equipment Tracking Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • Notifications will now only be kept for 90 days to keep your notification list clean and fast. Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • We now show a better message when a trial license has ended and there is leftover data in your account that is best deleted. Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)


Bug fixes

  • In crew scheduling tab, no functions were shown if status column was hidden
  • Confirmation modal to exclude subproject from planning displayed twice with locked sidebar
  • Crew member got deselected in the visual crew planner when getting planned on a function
  • Equipment items stock card showed an empty alert box
  • Having an item open that is being deleted by another user did not always was handled well


Version 338


  • You are now able to set a sender email addresses each for sending quotes or invoices. This email address will always be used when sending the respective documents. Quoting and Invoicing Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • You are now able to create extra input fields for inspections. Equipment TrackingEquipment Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • Inspection reports are now editable in bulk, including extra input fields. Equipment TrackingEquipment Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • We have split the projects 'on location' and 'delayed' in the list view of warehouse overview. Equipment Tracking Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)


Bug fixes

  • We fixed that long ledger names in Quickbooks ledger assigning does not break the layout anymore
  • Date inputs in bulk edit modals were not properly disabled when field is not selected


Version 337


  • In the warehouse you can now mark all items in a certain status as lost or broken in a single instance. Equipment Tracking Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • The equipment status column and widgets in the warehouse overview now have color coding to show if equipment is left behind (red), in progress (yellow) or done (green). Equipment Tracking Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • You are able to see the amount and the last note as a column in list view of the warehouse overview. You might need to apply the default column set to see it. Equipment Tracking Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • When booking a project in the warehouse, we now remember the status selection when you navigate away and return to the tab. Equipment Tracking Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • You are now able to resize the planning of crew and transport in the bottom timeline of the visual crew planner. So you do not need to first find the project in the top timeline to adjust a planning. Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • We have added the ability to create documents for inspections so you can easily show, print or email proof of inspections. Equipment Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • You are able to directly see the path of the folder of the equipment item without opening the dropdown. Equipment Scheduling Equipment Tracking Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)


Bug fixes

  • Kits and cases on documents from Webshop projects were not always shown in correct order
  • Boolean fields in document template where sometimes shown as 0/1 instead of yes/no
  • When inputting a time in 24 hour formatting for accounts in 12 hour format countries it will now automatically calculate the right 12 hour format
  • When a new function was created in the project, the visual crew planner would navigate there for all users that are working the crew planner


Version 336


  • When deleting subprojects the confirmation message now mentions the subproject name you are about to delete. Equipment Scheduling Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • When marking equipment lost or defect we now pre-fill the amount of equipment and the total price for that amount (desktop only for now). Equipment Tracking Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • You are now able to create a packing list from list view of the warehouse overview. Equipment Tracking Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • In the shortages screen you can now directly navigate to the equipment item from the details sidebar. Equipment Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • We have added a link to the support center in extensions section of the configuration panel. Quoting and Invoicing Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • Functions are now sorted chronologically in popup when sending invitations. Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • You can now directly set a password when creating a crew member. Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • Adding serial numbers to containers that are in a different stock location will now give a warning. Equipment Tracking
  • Able to add a column showing the QR-code(s) in the container overview. Equipment Tracking


Bug fixes

  • Redundant profits for equipment groups are now hidden in the statistics overview, since there is no costs calculation on equipment group level
  • When adding an equipment item to the project using your mouse, the equipment stayed selected
  • It was possible to add the same container to a project twice, resulting in unexpected behavior


Version 334


  • There is an option added to the equipment module in the document template editor to show both container names and container content on packing lists. Equipment Tracking


Bug fixes

  • In the extension screen in configuration panel there is unexpected behavior when selecting export days for bookkeeping software integrations
  • Dutch accounts only: Sometimes the CoC/KvK company name was not filled in properly
  • Sometimes it was not possible to generate documents if they contained images
  • Clicking cancel did not close create inventory count tab
  • The more actions menu in the blue selection bars above data tables would stay open if you would remove your selection
  • Warehouse module was showing an error when not having Equipment Tracking license
  • The number series setting for container documents was missing in the configuration panel


Version 333 - 334

Bug fixes

  • Two calendars popped up when clicking on time field (Mozilla Firefox)
  • It was possible to plan decimal amount of rental items and cases, this should not be possible
  • Stock was not updated correctly when booking the same sales equipment item multiple times
  • Stock was not updated correctly for sales equipment items when booking them being part of a kit


Version 332


  • In the visual crew planner, planned crew in the same timeframe is now ordered alphabetically. Crew Scheduling Legacy (Pro)
  • When sending documents through email, the details entered in the email popup are now remembered until you close the document tab. So you can now switch tabs to look things up. If you return to the document you will see an indicator that there is still an unsent email. Equipment Scheduling Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)


Bug fixes

  • Comment lines did not show on packing lists that filter equipment on their status (only left to pack, only prepped or on location)
  • The transports and scheduled crew timelines did not always show correctly when opening them in the tile view of the warehouse module


Version 331


  • You are now able to filter the (sub)projects listed in the warehouse overview list view on various properties of the project as well as the subproject self, for example filter on project type or subproject status. Equipment Tracking Legacy (Pro)
  • You are now able to change the contact person in quotation and contract. Quoting and Invoicing Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • Containers is now launched, more info see update post. Equipment Tracking


Bug fixes

  • When editing a table in document template editor the table toolbar blocked the last row to edit the text there
  • The header text of variable columns in documents was not visible when all values where zero
  • If you canceled a subrent, the equipment reservations where not released, causing you not be able to create new subrents for those shortages
  • Subproject name was not showing when adding equipment after just creating new subproject
  • Selecting function changed the icon color of project leader in timeline planner
  • The subproject popup menu in the project closed after one action, now it stays open unless you change subproject


Version 330


  • In warehouse list overview there is now a new transport widget in the details sidebar to show the vehicles that are planned for that subproject. Equipment Tracking


Bug fixes

  • The warehouse card view was loading slower with lots of projects
  • The QR code in the sidebar of the warehouse list view was not updated when selecting another subproject
  • When adding additional equipment in the warehouse that is not connected to project times, it was always added with factor 1
  • Browser autocomplete (suggestions) were not working anymore for input fields
  • After creating new serial numbers of an item, when assigning the serial numbers in a project you could only select a single serial number
  • A locked main menu was overlapping the equipment availability timeline if that was in fullscreen mode


Version 329


  • Minor performance improvements when adding equipment to projects. Equipment Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • It is now possible to completely hide the crew members selection pane in the visual crew planner. Crew Scheduling Legacy (Pro)
  • In the visual crew planner you can now use the keyboard shortcut ‘alt+x’ to toggle precise view. Crew Scheduling Legacy (Pro)
  • The dashboard now remembers the dashboard you had selected previously. Equipment Scheduling Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • There is now a (non-blocking) notification if people try to book out serial numbers that are not returned on other projects. Equipment Scheduling Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)


Bug fixes

  • We investigating and implementing some fixes to improve the redundant 'you are working on another tab' problem some users are experiencing
  • An error was shown when you directly deleted a serial number after you created a label document for that serial number
  • Some images on documents where not working anymore after the account was updated to a new version
  • Some appearance settings where not saved if you would refresh directly after changing them
  • When you would have lots amount of crew members the schedule would take quite some time to load
  • Various visual fixes in dark mode
  • It was not possible to edit financial details of planned crew function in project for Rentman Lite


Version 328


  • When creating invites, appointments, or reservations we make sure they are visible in your filters. You might got confused when you were filtering them out upon creation and were therefor not visible. Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • Crew members can now see their own rates of the activities in activity overview, when they do not have financial permissions but do have permissions to see their own rates for activities. Before that was overruled by the financial permission. Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • We have updated the link to book a demo for trials. Before for some languages they were dead ends. Equipment Scheduling Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • We added an easy way of importing equipment into your project when the project equipment list is empty. Equipment Scheduling


Bug fixes

  • Translations for navigation/tabs sometimes did not load properly
  • The crew member remark column in call sheet actually showed the planner remark values
  • Unconfirmed projects were not shown in vehicle module timeline
  • Scan return page made a ‘beep beep’ sound on scanning actions instead of just ‘beep’
  • Changes where not saved when you directly clicked save when editing a field in some occasions
  • Columns visually overlapped when linking equipment in a project request
  • After adding column "Preview finished" to the backups and setting another date-range, the backups table broke
  • You could not overwrite marked availability inside the marked period in the crew planner bottom time line
  • When you had a equipment with a negative amount there was no proper error shown
  • Comma in decimal number was removed after editing the value
  • When you generate a packing slip with the option "only left to pack", and everything of the project is booked, then the names of sets would still remain on the slip
  • Extra warehouse downgrade warning was not shown when activating a license without equipment scheduling


Version 326


  • When you are missing a payment to Rentman we do not display the warning message to non power users anymore. Equipment Scheduling Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • Improved function ordering and alignment in the crew planner. Crew Scheduling


Bug fixes

  • In user roles edit screen, the star that indicates that the permission is a power users permission the was missing for invoice permissions
  • Booking equipment from "on location" to "Returned" in the app warehouse module, some equipment items moved to "To pack" instead
  • Deleting serial of equipment that moved through multiple statuses added one too much to the project
  • When adding extra day to invitation, calendar now goes back to initial invitation date rather than today
  • ‘Invitation declined’ icon was wrong in the legend of crew planner
  • Fixed a problem when you could not delete tax classes even though they were not used
  • Fixed the incorrect text of the notification when the client of a project was changed
  • The button to 'create function groups' button in time schedule was visible even though you did not have crew scheduling license
  • When activating a specific combination of licenses a warning to about subprojects in planning / financial was incorrectly shown


Version 325


  • When creating a new internal subrent the ‘to stock location’ is automatically filled to a different location instead of the same stock location as the ‘from stock location’. Additional warehouse


Bug fixes

  • You were still able to select a asset location of the type ‘stock location’ on a project, only type `warehouse` stock locations should be possible


Version 324


  • After changing your license you (and the contact person of the account) will now get an email that confirms the new license and the price breakdown of it. This is updated for our new license structure. Equipment Scheduling Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • In the financial overview in projects the category "Other" is now renamed to "Additional costs" for clarity. Quoting and Invoicing Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • The name of notes is now visible in the note widget in the details sidebar of projects module. Equipment Scheduling Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)


Version 323

Bug fixes

  • Subrent document (with kit) did not generate when grouping equipment on folder structure
  • Project name was not visible in planned resource anymore for crew and transport timeline
  • Copy buttons did not work anymore in various places. E.g. contact widgets and calendar sync modal and more
  • Project leaders where not indicated anymore in new crew planner
  • For inventory counts the date was always set to the first moment you created an inventory count; even if you created one later
  • Inventory counts always used the default stock location
  • No error was shown when trying to save internal subrental project containing a sale items


Version 322


  • We have introduced a new customizable list view in warehouse overview. Equipment Tracking Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • In the existing card view in the warehouse overview we automatically scroll back to the card you clicked on after closing the booking screen. Equipment Tracking Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • In projects with lots of equipment items we improved speed when adding and modifying equipment in a project. Equipment Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • Big performance improvement in the warehouse for projects with large equipment lists. Equipment Tracking Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)


Bug fixes

  • The QR codes are not pushed outside of the cards anymore in the card view of the warehouse overview, when the project would have a long name or a long stock location name.
  • Additional conditions set up in project type where not updated in new projects
  • Internal remark was not updated when planning alternative in warehouse
  • It was not possible to do drag/drop actions on functions across multiple projects in the crew planner
  • When enabling the stock location permission in a user role, no value was filled in the dropdown


Version 321


  • API - Added "automatic" field to accessories endpoint. Equipment Scheduling Equipment Tracking Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)


Bug fixes

  • Precise view in crew planner was not remembered when changing modules
  • The feature to collapse/expand the sidebar made it possible to break the crew planner grid
  • In the create invoice screen the contact persons were not in alphabetical order
  • Sales items could be added to subrent through planning a kit


Version 319 - 320

Bug fixes

  • When adjusting your license, clicking on the add-on title instead of checkbox did not work
  • Updating stock calculation method via import created invalid stock levels
  • Only one kit was shown in documents for kits inside kits when grouping by folder structure
  • Invoice exports to Exact failed after X amount of invoices because of API limits by Exact
  • Default equipment group warning was not translated


Version 318

Bug fixes

  • New crewplanner did not open planning lane upon planning
  • Some shortcuts in the new crew planner did not work
  • After scheduling an unplanned function delete actions were not instantly visible in new crew planner
  • Styling for visible and invisible planned functions was switched
  • Locking selection was broken in new crew member timeline
  • In subrents the price widget did not work for equipment in left list
  • After accepting invitations, the calendar in My Schedule did not expand
  • Could not save project types with equipment scheduling + crew scheduling pro license
  • Confirming internal subrental did not automatically reserve equipment in connected internal subrent project
  • Subrental's delivery type was not translated
  • User without equipment tracking could create inventory count from equipment list


Version 317


  • Contacts now have localized address fields to be easily used in document templates. Equipment Scheduling Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • Remove ’S’ rows in DATEV export for invoices that are paid. Equipment Scheduling Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)


Bug fixes

  • Emptying database does not remove stock locations from the example trial data


Version 316


  • You are now able to duplicate equipment items inside a project (shortcut Alt + D). Equipment Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • API endpoint enabled to read equipment accessories (available when all accounts are updated to 316). Equipment Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)


Bug fixes

  • Directly saving an item while edited field is still in focus did not save the changes
  • ‘Availability’ and ‘Display in planner’ fields where not visible in legacy licenses (pro/classic) when creating a new crew member
  • Booking extra equipment in warehouse was not available if user did not have permission to see availability of equipment
  • Deleting a serial that was assigned on a project but not booked out generated invalid quantities
  • Account date format was not respected in crew member data navigation in new crew planner
  • Updating availability in timeline did not overwrite previous color in new crew planner
  • Order of functions types where switched in new crew planner
  • Travel time was shown on the wrong side of function in new planner
  • It was not possible to search for multiple crew members in new crew planner
  • Moving multiple functions at once moved them to same start time instead of keeping same relative time difference
  • Financial currency settings where hidden without quoting & invoicing license
  • Could not save repairs in equipment scheduling pro without equipment tracking license


Version 315


  • You can now quickly navigate to equipment item in all sidebar widgets that contain equipment e.g. in subrents. Equipment Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • You can now edit and save existing personal text templates, without having to create a new template. Equipment Scheduling Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • Previous scroll position is now remembered when coming back to the new crew planner. Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • We have reduce the column width for the daily hour view in the new crew planner. Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)


Bug fixes

  • In very rare situation dropdown type of custom fields could cause errors
  • When assigning a serial number to an item that is planned twice in a grid, the serial number was assigned for both the equipment lines
  • Could not complete task after closing editing modal
  • Accessories were added in the wrong order when automatic added
  • When having no permission to the tasks module the task widget in the project was cut off
  • History log grid scrolled out of view when selecting an entry


Version 314


  • Get warning when more serial numbers are assigned in project than the amount is planned. Equipment Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • Various stability improvements to prevent outages. Equipment Scheduling Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • In some views we had to limit the maximum timeframe to 400 days. Equipment Scheduling Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
    This applies to:
    • statistics
    • dashboard statistics
    • project calendar, project timeline, and projects per day views
    • history log
    • equipment shortages overview


Bug fixes

  • Some incorrect and confusing properties on kits are not shown anymore in details widget
  • Warning about start time after end time did not go away after having fixed the issue
  • Calendar in the My schedule module did not expand when invitations were collapsed
  • Discount calculation on projects with locked price was incorrect in specific scenario
  • Downgrade actions were shown in expired trial accounts
  • After first assigned SN was scanned back, any SN could be scanned back even if it was not assigned
  • Diskspace add-on was shown twice when changing to new license having extra disk space in old license
  • Diskspace add-on is shown twice when changing to new license having extra disk space in old license


Version 313


  • Be able to add remarks on function groups to show on call sheets or quotes. Equipment Scheduling Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • If you enable compact mode, the warehouse booking view is now also more compact. Equipment Tracking Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)


Bug fixes

  • Exporting from subrental overview with default column set returned error
  • Discount calculation on locked projects was sometimes incorrect
  • Appointments were not created in new crew planner in specific cases
  • Clicking a menu item twice resulted in an error page


Version 312


  • New crew planner is enabled for all accounts, with an option to switch back.  Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • Made ‘precise times’ toggle more clear in new crew planner.  Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)


Bug fixes

  • Clicking on project title does not expand row in new crew planner
  • In the new crew planner, when you have selected a function, but then drag another function (without first selecting it) then the previously selected function was also altered
  • Marking person as unavailable was not directly visible in crew grid in new crew planner)
  • New crew planner showed different project order to old one
  • Some input fields in project details view where overlapping on smaller screen sizes
  • Concept planning dropdown in new crew planner is not hidden anymore in crew scheduling essential license


Version 311


  • Able to create function groups with a single click in the time schedule. Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)


Bug fixes

  • Wrong icons where shown for invitations events in context menu in new crew planner (private beta)
  • Opening crew member timeline was set view to one year in new crew planner (private beta)
  • Sub-expanded state for rows where not remembered in new crew planner (private beta)
  • Tooltips for crew member timeline icons where missing in new crew planner (private beta)
  • Subproject name was invisible after creating the subproject in time schedule add a new time dropdown


Version 310


  • Show functions regardless of project status in crew member & transport timeline. Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • We now show the amount of hours a crew members is planned in the crew timeline in new crew planner (private beta) Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • Technical improvement to reduce Rentman from slowing down over time. Equipment Scheduling Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • Able to archive stock locations to clean up stock location that are not used anymore. Equipment Tracking


Bug fixes

  • Extra inputfield of type Boolean did not display anything in documents when no (or 0) is selected
  • The 'estimated price' column for subrental statistics was not calculated correctly
  • Equipment indicator was grey in project details view when equipment is supplied from more than one subrent
  • Scanning SN as additional equipment the quantity was multiplied by number of lines the article is planned
  • Ledger delete modal did not open


Version 309


  • Able to see in the warehouse overview if a project still has shortages. Equipment Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • Able to make planning items full cell wide in the new crew planner, to give more overview on higher zoom levels (private beta). Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)


Bug fixes

  • Creating Appointments in new crew planner timeline don't show till refresh (private beta)
  • New dashboard were only visible after refresh
  • Could not turn storage location back into warehouse without additional warehouse license
  • Demo licenses were visible in read-only mode in pricing activation page


Version 308


  • Able to assign a default equipment group for equipment which can be used to organise your projects in automatic groups. Equipment Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • Added text in invoice sidebar to make clear the total is incl tax. Quoting and Invoicing Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • If you are editing same item in two separate screens you cannot change content values anymore. This might prevent losing work. Equipment Scheduling Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • Travel time is added to new crew planner (private beta). Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • Remember selected stock location in the equipment timeline within the same project. Equipment Tracking


Bug fixes

  • Crew member avatar was not accessible via API
  • When quickly switching project tabs, interface of previous project was still shown
  • Zoom level was not saved when switching tabs in new crew planner (private beta)
  • Tooltip for none project related timeframes missed crew member name in tooltip in new crew planner (private beta)
  • Added "print slip" option to crew member timeline of new crew planner (private beta)
  • Name of project that is to be deleted was not shown in timeline and calendar view
  • Tooltip stayed open when expanding rows in the timeline


Version 307


  • If you are editing same item in two separate screens the message is more visible so you do not miss it. This might save double work. Equipment Scheduling Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)


Bug fixes

  • Invites were not highlighted on hover of function in new crew planner (private beta)
  • Discount group was not applied to the added equipment during warehouse booking
  • Accessories were not added in correct order
  • Certain fields of serial numbers where not visible for equipment scheduling pro license


Version 306


  • You can now try out the new "Hiding financial details" feature as a trial! Quoting and Invoicing


Bug fixes

  • The demo status bar did not show up for demo accounts anymore
  • Certain addresses did not load the location in the map until you opened the client
  • The navigation bar did not unfold sub items when the main module was clicked before the menu expanded
  • Functions tooltip showed up for crew members
  • The pop-up to update the factors in a subrent showed up, even when there was no equipment


Version 305


  • You can now create a packing list from inside the warehouse booking screen Equipment Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • Enter a remark when changing the project status from the warehouse booking screen Equipment Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • We now show when there’s a scheduled downgrade task in your account with a pop-up and an activation warning Equipment Scheduling Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • We also added a warning for scheduled license downgrades in the activation screen
  • The scan return page has received its own tab Equipment Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • Some columns in the statistics had other values than their counterparts inside projects. We readjusted the values of certain costs columns to correct these. Equipment Scheduling Crew Scheduling
  • You can now choose how you want to display accessories: add them on a new line, or group identical items together. Equipment Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)


Bug fixes

  • The demo status bar was not shown for demo accounts anymore
  • Page breaks did not function properly in version 304
  • Additional equipment was added with factor 1
  • Sales items could not be changed into a case, but rental cases could be changed into sales items
  • The stock location warning when creating a repair from the warehouse was written in Dutch
  • The navigation bar did not return to the correct closed state


Version 304


  • Rentman now shows to which stock location an item is scanned in ‘scan return’ Equipment Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)


Bug fixes

  • Text blocks with empty paragraphs were ignored during document generation

  • It was not possible to save after deleting serial numbers in version 303

  • The new scanning sound did not work consistently

  • The input of booking negative amounts was not prevented


Version 303


  • In configuration > Electronic Invoicing, you can now find options to add or remove certain XML exports to your account. Quoting and Invoicing Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • The default deadline time of new tasks changed from midnight to 09:00 am. Equipment Scheduling Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)


Bug fixes

  • Stock was added instead of lowered when book out a sales item within the app
  • Warehouse bookings had loading issues until refreshing the page


Version 302


  • You can now copy and paste crew and transport functions across projects. Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • Filter buttons are now lower case instead of all caps. Equipment Scheduling Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • Unit field on equipment is now available. Equipment Scheduling
  • The "Found" column is now by default in the column grid of the "Lost equipment" module for trial accounts. Equipment Tracking Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • We added tier icons for features in trial accounts. Equipment Scheduling Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • We now show a pop-up about unsaved changes when the license editing procedure is started. Equipment Scheduling Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)


Bug fixes

  • The search was not applied on view per day when you closed the tab of the project you searched for
  • The Estimated equipment costs did not check the maximum number of shortages in the planning period
  • Items that had each other added as accessoires could not be added automatically.
  • The iInvitation text box was larger than the message container
  • The disabled generate button still responded to space input while generating documents
  • Accepting an invitation from email brought you to a blank page if the function was fully planned
  • Time entries were stuck on the time of last login or server cache clearing
  • Payment method columns did not display information in the financial module


Version 301


  • You can now lock the menu bar by clicking on the lock icon. Equipment Scheduling Crew Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • Booking equipment has not only gotten a whole lot quicker, but it’s also become more efficient. Book individual serial numbers by just clicking on the serial number. Equipment Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • We’ve added new display options on Desktop and Mobile to customize your view: you can now see the content of kits and the option to combine equipment. Equipment Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)
  • Booking returned sale items back to location now creates a correction, instead of adjusting the initial stock movement. Equipment Scheduling Legacy (Lite/Classic/Pro)


Bug fixes

  • Booking serial numbers from returned back to on location generated an error
  • Send again button in the messages module did not send a new e-mail
  • Changing a kit from rental to sales changed the equipment into an 'item' type instead of keeping 'kit' type
  • There was a time zone mismatch that caused an error when typing the date into blank MM/DD/YYYY field
  • The Kamer van Koophandel tool did not fill in the name of the company even though this information was known


Version 300


  • We introduced flexible licenses. Read more about Rentman’s new licenses, add-ons, and prices on our Blog.
  • The time registration dashboard widget received an update, such as formatting improvements and the option to delete times from the overview.


Version 299


  • We re-added the financial checkbox in the subrent menu when financial visibility is turned off


Bug fixes

  • For lite license, the crew discount field in contacts > payment was missing
  • The equipment indicator showed invalid reservations when the equipment was used in non-overlapping projects within the same timeframe
  • The project status for prepped was not correct for dutch accounts 
  • Fonts were not scaling properly in the client section of a project while in compact mode
  • Long project lists only load when hovering over the menu
  • "Do not group" option in the document template editor had strange interaction with kits & kits content


Version 298


  • We fixed an inconsistency between the delete button of a contact card in a project and the delete button in the typeahead


Bug fixes

  • Adding new VAT classes returned various errors
  • The equipment indicator did not show invalid reservations when timeframe of subrent does not cover equipment planning anymore
  • There was excessive spacing between page items in the subhire details
  • The statistics List view had a long loading time for bigger dataframes
  • Planning functions without times required a refresh before they were visible
  • Subrented item remained connected even if reservation were removed


Version 297


  • New shortcut: Alt + g to create a new function group.
  • Items that have each other as automatically added accessories can now be added to projects. This used to be prevented to do possible infinite loops.
  • We now show the project number in the crew and transport timeline.


Bug fixes

  • Extra input fields: the Linked item type did not show after the custom field was saved.


Version 296


  • We changed the text of the import option "Update existing items with new data".
  • A wrong translation for "discount rental equipment" in documents has been fixed.


Bug fixes

  • The default value field in the extra input fields was missing
  • The group "Crew Scheduled" was taking the Crew planned for the full project instead of just the subproject


Version 295


  • When sending notes to your workspace by using accountname@rentmanclient.com, the notes are now also accessible in the Messages module.
  • We now display the traveling time next to the distance in the location card, located in the general tab of a project.
  • You can now see who’s the creator of an appointment with the new ‘Created by’ field.
  • You can find a link to the related item for a task inside the details sidebar of the notifications overview
  • In the time registration, we now show the name of subprojects when registering times on functions, instead of just the project name.
  • Putting a kit in option now also automatically marks the content in option.


Bug fixes

  • A default value field in extra input fields was missing
  • Mandatory extra input fields were not being validated in some places
  • Text boxes became uneditable after saving the template with the variable menu open
  • Travel time was not taken into account for planned crew members when updating the connected times


Version 294


  • When using any typeahead feature, you can now quickly select the first option by pressing enter.
  • We added a tooltip for the 'send planning' button in the crew planner inside projects
  • The function group dropdown selector is now ordered on the start date of the function group
  • We added a tab switch shortcut to the shortcut list. Use Alt + ` to move forward, and Alt + Shift + ` to move backward.
  • You can now find an option to print crew members slips in the crew planner. Go to ‘communicate planning’ and print a slip!


Bug fixes

  • For some users, the currency within Rentman changed
  • The quick search modal showed unexpected results for some users
  • Closing the ‘delete appointment’ confirmation box with [x] deleted recurring appointments.


Version 293


  • The new version of Teamviewer is now downloaded via the link in your help menu
  • You can now export the"Equipment to inspect" subfolder
  • You can now create a new inventory count from the "Inventory count" tab of an item


Bug fixes

  • For some users, the currency within Rentman changed
  • There was an incorrect title for planning alternatives
  • Default was selectable for Default Payment Term
  • Editing multiple crew member rates across functions froze the modal
  • Capital letters were not shown in QR codes for serial numbers
  • When setting the view in projects to 'timeline' or 'calendar' view, you could no longer de-select items
  • The search button was not on scale in compact mode


Version 292


  • You can now find a tooltip for equipment groups next to the icon when they turn red
  • We made a clearer distinction between equipment and comment lines in the equipment tab of a project


Bug fixes

  • Forced logouts could get stuck in a loop
  • Mandatory options for project and subproject custom fields were not disabled
  • When using extra input fields were mandatory, a new project could not be saved anymore
  • "Default" was selectable when choosing a default project type
  • Equipment that had too many reservations had inconsistent behavior


Version 291


  • We made accordion headers sticky when scrolling


Bug fixes

  • The option to make fields mandatory showed up when ‘projects / subprojects’ were filled in as ‘connected to’.
  • There was a missing error message when users tried to generate packing slips with mandatory extra input field not filled in
  • Navigating to a different module and back reset projects overview to list view
  • Editing a quote for a second time did not work correctly until refreshing the page
  • Extra Input field values were not considered in the to be invoiced module
  • Special characters such as æ and ø were not formatted correctly
  • The resources pop-up in the equipment timeline did not appear in full-screen mode
  • The button to add a contact was shown in projects even without rights to create contacts
  • The preview for some existing project templates did work


Version 290


  • We renamed the Quick availability title to Check Equipment Availability
  • The item name is now visible in the quick availability check modal


Bug fixes

  • Bulk editing of the serial numbers' stock location was not working correctly
  • Unable to edit enums of newly created custom fields with a default value
  • Quickbooks integration had trouble connecting
  • The modal of assigning serial numbers in a case did not load
  • Scrolling did not work in Configuration > Payment terms
  • The Book Equipment link was disabled after saving the project
  • It was not possible to revert a finalized invoice when it contained a kit
  • Saving changes the in extra input fields list was not possible
  • You were able to set the "Until" time before the "From" time in Plan from/until columns in the crew scheduling tab
  • The column setting in the financial tab of a project did not work


Version 289


  • You can now make extra input fields mandatory.


Bug fixes

  • It was not possible to download files the from project overview
  • Headers of extra input fields were only visible after changing values
  • Subrental jobs with the same timelines were not getting displayed when subrenting equipment
  • Automatic project notes did not appear in projects
  • Extended view of minus invoices is summing up subtracted invoice amounts in VAT overview at 0 tax rate
  • There was an incorrect calculation of VAT when subtracting a partial invoice


Version 288


  • Extra input fields now automatically fill in for surface items
  • We aligned the header names of the columns with those in the import template for crew and contacts
  • We now always import serial numbers with future purchase date as active so it is aligned within the interface
  • Users can now import the number of days or payment term name for the payment term column
  • The equipment status of canceled projects no longer shows "to be reserved"


Bug fixes

  • Planning items that already had planned accessories were not summed on the same line
  • The total price column had disappeared from the Crew and Transport tab in projects
  • It was no possible to change an existing custom field a field of type color
  • The search term was not deleted when going to the project overview with a filter
  • Column sets in the subrent tab of the project did not work
  • There was no scrollbar in the projects section of My schedule on the daily/weekly view
  • Creating a credit note was not showing up in the summation in the overview


Version 287


  • We added serial numbers and internal reference to the inventory count warning


Bug fixes

  • The total price column had disappeared from the Crew and Transport tab in projects
  • Creating timeline events for multiple crew members failed when adding multiple
  • Newly created ledgers did not show unless the UI was refreshed
  • Scrolling did not work in Configuration > Ledgers
  • Missing translation in the Choose subrental modal
  • The connected activities of time registration were not visible in the details sidebar
  • Whenever a financial document with a filename was created, the document event history said it was overwritten
  • Scrollbars had trouble in Firefox


Version 286


  • The price of equipment is now shown in the details sidebar when using the left search bar in the equipment tab of a project


Bug fixes

  • Page breaks were not working in document templates
  • Screens froze after doing alt + alt + backspace in the equipment tab
  • In the template editor, resizing certain column sections did not work correctly
  • The top margin of a letterhead influenced the margin above the header
  • Actual costs were shown incorrectly when one item was on two lines in a subrent and both were used for the same project


Version 285


  • A new quick search menu that allows you to search through open tabs, projects, invoices, and many other places. Double-press Alt or Option to open.
  • We added a new user role permission about invoicing additional equipment in the Warehouse module


Bug fixes

  • Uncompleted a task in the task module required a refresh to be visible
  • The lost equipment module list had no icons in the grid toolbar
  • No visual confirmation of the selected project when assigning incoming notes as project tasks
  • Adding a digit to a price that already consisted of triple digits after the point resulted in the number being rounded incorrectly
  • The notification that the payment term of invoices was expired came one day early
  • Copying equipment did not show the "update times" pop-up
  • Duplicate functionality on the dashboard was disabled.
  • Notes with borders still appeared in the document template even without notes
  • A space in the variable of email message caused the message to be empty and users did not get an error message
  • Adding a new location from within a project did not show on the documents
  • Function groups were not ordered chronologically when adding a function group without times


Version 284


  • You can now turn your statistics into graphs. Head on over to the statistics module to try it out.
  • You can now search through the equipment of a project in the warehouse module
  • Extra input fields can now access items from the database
  • We added info-boxes to all module overviews
  • It’s now indicated which notes belong to which subproject in the note overview
  • You can now add extra input fields for additional costs
  • We now indicate if an equipment group contains a shortage


Bug fixes

  • The vehicle browser in the transport planning tab did not display the vehicle availability anymore in the visual crew planner
  • Creating a location from a project created from a template showed the contacts financial pop-up
  • It was not possible to save edits to appointments for all crew members
  • Crew members were not able to change their own password if they did not have access to the crew member module
  • The travel time did not get subtracted from the total worked hours when entering a new time registration


Version 283


  • You can now open an equipment item from the warehouse booking view
  • A way to open a project; in the ‘scan return’ page in the warehouse, you can now open the connected project
  • The project number is now shown on the "scan return" screen after scanning a QR-code
  • Delete projects accidentally is now less likely due to an extra step.
  • The message about the workspace image usage was incomplete so we rewrote it
  • The “Copy to location” button has been moved to the Location header
  • The order of equipment is now remembered when exporting planned equipment in a project
  • The selected button for the time period in the warehouse is now also visually selected
  • When selecting "Delivered to location" for a subrent, the (sub)project location data is now automatically taken over
  • The number variable on Italian "Documento di Trasporto" document templates has been replaced
  • We now inform users that equipment with an empty match column will not be imported when you are importing serial numbers with the option ‘Add new items and skip existing ones’


Bug fixes

  • Project documents did not show up under "Files" in the Details sidebar
  • The project fixed price changed automatically by 1 cent for certain values
  • Lite-license accounts receive ‘The transition errored’ when they hit their project limit
  • A missing translation for locking prices
  • Invoices with the due date set as ‘today’ did not show up when applying the filter "Is open"
  • The term ‘labels’ were used instead of ‘tags’ in Dutch workspaces
  • There was an unexpected scroll-field in My Schedule section of user roles in Safari
  • Some characters were not fully shown in the general project title of subprojects and batch modals
  • The alignment of equipment images was not working correctly
  • Importing .xslx-file that were exported from Apple Numbers failed
  • Some column names in the Statistics module were not translated
  • The extra input field value reverted to default upon first saving a project
  • The past purchase date of serial numbers were imported as 01/01/1970
  • Kit content that should be hidden showed up on quotes, if kit was set to "In option" and the content was not


Version 282

Version 281 and 282 were merged into one release


  • Besides the already existing Alt+S shortcut to save items, you can now also use Cmd or Ctrl + S, depending on the device you work on
  • We polished the file uploader experience in details side widgets


Bug fixes

  • You were unable to create reservations for crew members
  • Pressing save in the reservation pop-up made subrent projects show that were not linked to the project in the subrent tab
  • The vehicle browser in the transport planning tab did not display the vehicle availability anymore
  • Regenerated documents did not load until you changed the tab and went back
  • The visiting address of contacts did not get taken over when creating a new contact person
  • When an item with accessories was added a second time, the accessories were grouped into one line
  • The booked equipment value was multiplied by the number of serial numbers when equipment counted in bulk
  • The variable {$f.generate_moment} did not show any data on the first document generation


Version 280


  • The structure of your equipment is now visible within the equipment details
  • You can now close the details sidebar in the calendar/timeline projects view
  • We added the option to  "Open project" in the booking screen of the Warehouse module
  • We now automatically add the subproject name to the subrent name
  • You can now see the assigned serial numbers of a case and its content on a carnet and packing slip
  • Calendars now have "This year" and "This quarter” views
  • The availability of alternative equipment is now checked when planning alternative equipment in the warehouse
  • We improved the file uploader flow in item widgets


Bug fixes

  • There were some styling issues with sticky headers after an iOS/safari update
  • When Generating an invoice outside of a project, it did not appear within the "Invoices" section of a contact
  • The crew availability timeline in the crew planner did not show information until you refreshed the page
  • A project card was not shown anymore when creating a credit note via the invoices module
  • Deleting project documents in the file list widget was not prevented
  • Deleting items of one group along with another group would only delete the second group
  • Unable to scroll inside the developer information modal
  • Creating a credit invoice did not show project lines and other information
  • Equipment groups were no longer displayed on documents, making items appear in one long list.
  • Items were automatically selected again when scrolling with an editable field selected
  • The invoice history showed an incorrect currency sign if the currency sign was not EUR or USD


Version 279


  • You can now see your equipment structure in the equipment details page
  • We improved the tag card so that it is clearer how to add or edit tags
  • The serial number status in the assigned serial number modal was inconsistent, so we updated that to match the rest of the interface
  • We made improvements when marking equipment as lost in the warehouse for serialized equipment
  • We added a link to an equipment item from the lost and repair details sidebar
  • A warning now informs you that the serial number of the child item is already assigned to another case and will be re-assigned if selected for another case.
  • We changed column translations for Serbian
  • We now block the action to change the stock location of serial numbers in the bulk edit modal if one of the serials has the stock location field disabled
  • Duplicate automatic project notes are now prevented when selecting the same contact for both the client and the location


Bug fixes

  • Detailed invoices had a hard time generating
  • There was a console error when selecting the date of purchase in the bulk edit modal of serial numbers
  • Copy-pasting items into a kit put them outside of the kit
  • There  was an unnecessary modal when pasting equipment with multiple subprojects
  • The crew availability timeline in the crew planner doesn’t show information until refresh
  • Importing equipment with "Add new items and skip existing ones" only added one new item per import when the match column was the code
  • The template editor did not close when you opened the variable selector and you click outside once
  • A number of date/time formatting options did not work in the template editor
  • The preview of the time schedule of a document template was not in line with the actual time schedule sorting in the template.
  • The 'excluding factor' option did not exclude the factor from the prices.


Version 278


  • We cleaned up and restructured the profile context menu to make it more significant
  • You can now duplicate, copy, and paste temporary items
  • The header buttons are now sticky, meaning they are always visible when scrolling in a view
  • The equipment code is now displayed in the repair module
  • We added the option to update the kit price based on the content if the kit is simultaneously content of another kit
  • You can now find a details sidebar in the "Content" tab of a kit or case
  • The yellow text in the project overview that is used for unconfirmed projects was hard to read, so we changed that


Bug fixes

  • Accounts that had verified domains themselves contained wrong webhooks
  • Unable to open the Extensions menu in the configuration module
  • The header in projects would overlay when using fullscreen for timeline and tabs
  • The profile menu was hidden by the warehouse sidebar
  • The warehouse sidebar did not scroll
  • Unable to create a new statistic
  • A default value was a required field for a dropdown extra input field but did not have red asterisks
  • No warning when automatically generated equipment code was already used
  • Not possible to import equipment ledger
  • The equipment discount was not taken into account in the total price in a subrental slip
  • The period column in the statistics showed 2010/2030


Version 277


  • You can now add a QR-Code (image) column to your documents. For those who use scanners, this might speed up some of your warehouse processes.
  • You can now duplicate financial documents, which saves you time for the same type of setup you quote often.
  • The header of the edit screen of items is now sticky
  • We added some spacing around buttons in that same sticky header bar
  • We focussed on more consistency for delete action confirmations in projects
  • The last selection for the shift times modal is now remembered
  • Improved imports where a set of the selected columns contains custom fields only

Bug fixes

  • Invoice lines did not show up in the invoice overview after editing an existing invoice
  • Focused fields were not saved while using the enter key
  • The project period was not shown on saving a newly created project
  • Creating a credit note did not show project lines and other information in modules 
  • There was no letterhead selected for credit notes when skipping the document settings popup
  • Text boxes became uneditable after saving a template with the variable menu still open
  • 'Can be deployed multiple times' sentence in the vehicle settings was not entirely visible


Version 276


  • Open Rentman on your second screen! You can now open a tab on a second monitor for multitasking.
  • If you had equipment selected in a group that was closed, it could lead to some confusion. Especially when removing equipment from a project without knowing equipment was selected in a closed group. We now deselect those items so it is less prone to mistakes. 
  • You can now see which serial numbers are assigned to which (serialized) case in the Details sidebar
  • When generating packing slips, all serial numbers used to be selected. You can now deselect these.
  • The "Duration" and "Break" fields of activities are no longer in the travel time section but moved to a separate section
  • We now notify you that sales items and kits cannot be repaired
  • You can now scan and plan equipment in the Warehouse module that is not shown in the planner
  • Warnings in the warehouse now remain open until closing the tab
  • The warehouse sidebar received some design improvements
  • Projects in the warehouse module search field are now ordered
  • The triangle toggle to open and close folders and equipment groups increased in size
  • Adding tags to items now all have a consistent UI
  • Assigning serial numbers in the serial number view is now more user-friendly
  • Project names are now visible in the booking screen’s header of the Warehouse module


Bug fixes

  • It was not possible to change a project’s category-level discounts once subprojects had been added
  • The equipment inventory counts page scrolled out of view
  • Creating inventory counts from the equipment database gave an error
  • Not all serial numbers of all equipment showed in the generate equipment slip modal
  • 'Cannot read property entry of undefined' error in the project times validator when saving a project
  • The "Repair" variable in the Repair Slip Document Template was missing
  • (Sub)projects that were not shown in the planner could still be booked when searching for that project in the warehouse module
  • The shift+click shortcut did not work when there was only one equipment item in the equipment group on top
  • Text boxes were  uneditable after saving a template with the variables menu open
  • The total list price variables for kits return list price of kit content instead
  • Adding QR-codes to serial numbers with a keyboard scanner did not work correctly when scanning the same code several times
  • An error showed up when going to 'my details' in the user menu
  • Regenerating and overwriting a document showed an old version first before fetching the new document version
  • Selecting a group in the timeline view of projects missed styling
  • In Safari, the button to go back to workspaces brought you to the login screen
  • Ungrouped functions were automatically linked to the default planning period and could not be unlinked


Version 275


  • For Dutch and German users, the terms ‘Labels’ and ‘Tags’ were used to describe the same feature. We now aligned all these terms to ‘Tags’. 
  • Adding columns in the history of serial numbers and the assign serial number modal is now possible
  • When using a scanner, it will now remain focused while manually booking items from the warehouse and inventory count view
  • We made improvements to the user interface of the typeahead
  • You can now register and add the amount of scanned unplanned items in a project within the Warehouse module
  • An empty state for locally filtered grids was added
  • When editing temporary items, we now inform you that it is a temporary item to avoid confusion that changes are not applied to the database.
  • Te item types in our API documentation are now ordered by name [A-Z]
  • Your API cache is now cleared after regenerating your API token


Bug fixes

  • Creating inventory count from equipment database returned an error
  • Editing unit prices in a project grid changed the price in the equipment database
  • A dropdown was blocked by the quick-availability modal
  • Sorting on insertion order showed the kit after its content in version 274
  • The column set button was missing in the activities overview
  • Note texts did not save correctly when they contained the emoji :)
  • Clicking the reload link did not reload the page in Safari
  • Images with certain characters in filenames were not displayed in the details sidebar


Version 274


  • In the document history, any payment reminders created are now displayed.
  • You can now navigate to the linked item of a task in the Dashboard.


Bug fixes

  • The ‘expected back’ column in warehouse module did not show correct projects
  • The import line broke from .xlsx files
  • Rental/Sales column of a temporary item did not update after a save
  • In the template editor, margins in the subproject module only worked when using duplicated system template that had a subproject module in it.
  • The save button was not blocked when editing payment statuses without a date filled in
  • The order of equipment on quotations did not match the order of equipment in subprojects


Version 273


  • If you open a project, you will now see the project number next to the project name
  • In the details sidebar of the Contacts module, all contact persons are now mentioned instead of only showing the default contact person
  • The "Edit payment status" button has received a more prominent place in the Invoices module
  • Your files can now be uploaded to items for which you do not have edit rights
  • Items with a shortage that are partially booked now show a shortage in the item grid
  • Content of kits and cases can now be reordered by you on equipment tags
  • There’s an empty state for project templates within the 'add project' modal


Bug fixes

  • The modal to generate equipment slips loaded incorrectly
  • The confirm button to move the times of a project was disabled
  • Generating documents while skipping the template selection popup returned an error
  • The "Applied by" value was not visible in an applied inventory count
  • The user permission check on the button to easily add equipment was not present
  • Adding a QR code, it always returned the error "QR code is already in use"
  • Changing the project status in the warehouse by using "Done" button needed a tab change before the changes are visible
  • Changing the VAT for subprojects did not show the changes instantly
  • "Failed to save items" error appeared when generating an invoice via number series when the number already existed
  • Transition error visible when generating a subrental slip in a new subrental project
  • Creating credit notes for invoices created in the invoice module did not work correctly
  • Correct current stock modal did not adjust the stock in specific locations
  • It was not possible to import equipment ledgers
  • Temporary items did not update the VAT price if you updated the unit price
  • Serial number block on the repair slip template did not show any information


Version 272


  • The column ‘Quantity’ has received a name to be more specific: ‘Total quantity’


Bug fixes

  • Generating a document while skipping the document template selection popup showed an error
  • My schedule did not load until switching to another timeframe
  • When adding a QR code, you saw an error saying the QR code was already in use
  • The minimum column width was is too large
  • Unable to scroll down in the general information tab of inventory counts
  • hanging the VAT for suprojects did not show the changes instantly
  • The timeline in the warehouse did not load information after changing the date
  • The last settings for the visibility of notes were not remembered
  • Project templates connected to projects instead of the template project
  • Unable to edit the default value of formatted text for extra input field
  • Deleting a group whilst also having the child items selected caused the items to be removed twice from the transaction
  • Refreshing the page in the Warehouse overview caused the next additional equipment booked to change its stock
  • Email template name saved as an empty string when you pressed Enter but saved correctly when you clicked Save
  • Filters in statistics were not applied or saved
  • The ‘open equipment’ button was disabled when selecting an item in the lost equipment module
  • On-location project status was invisible in the project top menu
  • There were issues adding times with the shortcut alt+q
  • The sound was muted when scanning for inventory count
  • There were selection issues in the equipment module after marking equipment lost or defect from the warehouse and checking the availability
  • Variables of the supplier in subrent slip did not work
  • A case as the content of another case did not show correctly on equipment slips
  • Downloading an image or file without .jpg or .pdf in the readable name downloaded the file incorrectly
  • An error in Xero exports
  • Connected functions were not considered when calculating a project’s planning period


Version 271


  • Generating financial documents can now be done faster. We combined the 'create' and 'generate' steps, but you can also choose to keep using the separated steps.
  • We redesigned notifications. They now slide to stop important buttons from being blocked by your notifications.
  • We increased the maximum width for 'name' columns even more. Users with long and repetitive (project) names now clearly see the difference between each of them.


Bug fixes

  • Unable to change subproject prices on the main project financial overview
  • Header styling did not work after updating to version 270
  • Moving a function to an unsaved function group returned an error when saving
  • Equipment created segment did not track when the equipment was created from an importing
  • Items with decimals in kits did no longer round-up
  • Certain project information did not load on project tiles in the warehouse module
  • An error message showed up in equipment under the sock calculation method about serial numbers even though the item did not have any serial numbers
  • Unable to switch off ‘Update costs automatically' in the subrent request
  • Adding additional equipment in the warehouse had issues
  • A save and refresh was required for certain users for the stock mutations to appear in the Stock tab 
  • Removing the power user role from the account manager also removed the account manager from existing projects
  • The recurrence pattern in combination with "for all crew members setting" did not work correctly for appointments
  • The page size for "Letter" was inaccurate in centimeters
  • Projects did not show up in My Schedule Module
  • Crew member planning search in My Schedule returned results if you had no permissions
  • User role cards expanded when a role had a long title
  • A missing translation for visibility in the column set modal
  • Refreshing after creating a new Dashboard moved the newly created dashboard to the left
  • Opening notifications for tasks changed the date picker to "By today"
  • Missing translations in the functions details sidebar
  • When adding tags through the "More actions" possibility, tags did not show up in the modal after pressing enter. A refresh was required for tags to show up.
  • The timeframe modal in the 'to be invoiced tab' did not close when clicking
  • Unable to change the accounting software export days
  • Invoices still showed as overdue for cancelled projects
  • No indication that there are quotes/contracts present in other subprojects in empty state


Version 270


  • A revamp of Rentman styles - Rentman themes are the new base to build a document template
  • You can find new document styling properties in the Template Editor
  • Adding variables to text fields has become easier in the Template Editor
  • The quick availability lookup modal now also shows the total quantity of equipment
  • You can now click on the thumbnail of files in grid views
  • External references can now be exported from Rentman to Exact Online
  • Equipment items in the Equipment module timeline are now sorted the same way as they are in the grid


Bug fixes

  • Generated documents had different module headers than how it was set up in the template
  • The statistics grid was not updating properly after selecting a different date
  • Adding additional equipment in the warehouse had missing styling and missing translations
  • Domains with hyphen (-) could not be verified
  • "Copy visiting address" button did not work for newly created contacts
  • When one equipment item was selected, changing one field in the edit modal changed all fields
  • Users without permissions for "All other invoices" were able to create invoices in projects with different account managers
  • Changing column sets in the Statistics module did not work correctly
  • When opening a project from My Schedule, you were redirected to the project list
  • Unable to add additional equipment if the stock movement is after the start of the planning period of a project
  • "Packed per" field did not get taken into account when calculating the total transport volume
  • Adding an activity after clocking out with app created activities with recurring decimal durations
  • An error was showing when filling in the rate field while creating a VAT class
  • The message preview was not visible in Firefox
  • The invoice subject was not generated when creating an invoice from invoices module
  • Duplicating equipment groups did not work correctly when the serial number column was in the overview
  • Extra input fields of default functions did not show the content in the function planning grid and templates
  • The edit bar of text blocks in the Template Editor did not close
  • Column settings menu fell behind the navigation menu
  • Grouping documents by folder structure put items in the wrong folder


Version 269


  • Rentman now remembers the last widget card (notes, files, tasks) you had selected
  • We aligned the size of the month picker for each month
  • Our Japanese users can now use the date formatting YYYY-MM-DD
  • You can now change email text templates, no need to delete it and create a new one
  • Navigating with your keyboard is now even easier. You can move through non-editable fields without hitting roadblocks.
  • You can now directly edit times in dropdown fields with a single click


Bug fixes

  • Regenerating a document had trouble loading until switched tabs
  • The filters in My Schedule were turned off by default
  • The payment information page did not load correctly
  • The crew member availability timeline within a project and in the crew planner did not work correctly
  • There was a roadblock while verifying an email domain
  • Default functions could not be deleted
  • Changing one field in the edit modal of planned equipment changed other fields as well
  • Applying a discount to one subproject also applied it to other subprojects in the same project
  • You were unable to create tasks due to an error
  • Adding crew rates to crew members from the overview did not close the modal upon saving
  • Changing folder names and hitting enter left a blank entry
  • Changing the time schedule with connected crew functions did not ask to apply the changes to the planned crew
  • Projects created from rental request kept showing unsaved changes after pressing save
  • Project progress icons were not stating the correct equipment status
  • You were unable to edit the name of a folder when creating a new equipment folder
  • When the equipment group on top of the list was selected, the details were not visible
  • The equipment group was not automatically created when adding the first item to the second subproject
  • We fixed the minimum width for equipment icon columns
  • Unpinning columns was not remembered for columns pinned by default
  • Marking equipment as lost that was already booked back to the warehouse booked more than planned
  • It was not possible to digitally sign quotes and contracts on the due date
  • The hyperlink to open the linked item of a task did not work correctly when the item was either a serial number or a contact person
  • There was inconsistent numbering depending on the number of serial numbers
  • QR codes were not automatically generated when an item was added as a kit, saved, and immediately turned into a case.


Version 268

Version 268 was not released. Your account was automatically migrated from version 267 to 269.


Version 267


  • You can now verify your email domain yourself from within Rentman
  • Item caching has changed, which increases the loading speed of grids 
  • We made multiple adjustments in the Template editor to provide you with a better experience
  • A shortcut has made its return! Use Alt + Shift + S to save and close the tab you’re working in
  • You can now bulk edit more fields for equipment, and we added tooltips for more explanation 


Bug fixes

  • Import failed with an "unknown reason" when skipping existing items without a secondary item
  • There were some issues with reserving equipment in very specific
  • The project progress indicator for equipment incorrectly showed there were issues for subrented equipment
  • It was only possible to mark just one item as found
  • The setting for hiding projects, appointments, or planning in My Schedule module reset after leaving the module
  • The selected time period (with arrows) in the Crew planner was not saved after opening a project
  • A warning about deleting stock movements popped up when creating a new item from the modal
  • Serial numbers that we inactive still showed up between the equipment to inspect
  • English subrental slips displayed the Dutch name instead of the English name


Version 266


  • You can now lock your list of subprojects as a sidebar within a project
  • When making a sales project in the past, those items are not deducted from your stock. The status of the reservations used to say ‘enough available’, which indicated that the stock was still changed. We now added a new status for these situations to inform you that planning sales items in the past does not influence your current stock.
  • The list of countries you see in the activation process is now ordered alphabetically
  • You can now put planned equipment in option using bulk editing. Select multiple pieces of equipment, click edit, and put all selected items in option with one action.


Bug fixes

  • The scroll bar styling for Windows was incorrect
  • Generating documents showed an error and prevented the document from being generated for certain users
  • Exporting data in some modules did not work for certain users
  • Unable to create delivery slips when there were comment lines
  • It was possible to change the visibility of warehouse notes without user role permissions for notes
  • It was possible to deselect already assigned serial numbers that are on location
  • For inventory counts, deleting an item from a case’s content did not unassign its serial numbers from the case
  • You were able to plan alternative equipment in the Warehouse Module without permissions to do so in your user role 
  • There was a missing translation for project requests


Version 265


  • You can now search and select multiple items. A blue indicator will occur to show you how many items are selected while searching for more.
  • Email templates are now sorted alphabetically
  • The contacts and location cards in the general tab of projects have received improvements 
  • The time registration widget was translated incorrectly in Dutch
  • We now use the project planning period as the timeframe for the crew member timeline in projects when there is no function selected
  • The scrollbar for Apple is reverted to the native scrollbar


Bug fixes

  • It was unable to create delivery slips when having comment lines
  • Adding a note in the warehouse did not preselect a subproject
  • You could not combine generated documents of multiple projects in one go
  • Projects would not save when assigning serial numbers to the newly added equipment
  • It was momentarily not possible to create subrent requests from the shortages module
  • Trying to delete VAT class disabled a VAT scheme, makes items using it unsavable
  • Project and equipment lists were not loading
  • The search bar in the Financial module only returned results within the selected time period
  • Kit content was still shown on packing slips after choosing "Hide content" on document templates to only show items that are currently prepped or on location
  • No password length restriction led to a denial of service


Version 264


  • Warehouse notes are now in a collapsible section on the Warehouse project tiles to keep your view organized
  • We now remember your selection after performing bulk actions on multiple items in a list
  • There are hover states in the template editor sidebar tabs with extra explanation
  • A new keyboard shortcut:  alt + p opens the payment status modal for invoices
  • We removed the ‘Print on letterhead by default’ option for Terms and Conditions


Bug fixes

  • Certain items with quantity 0 were hidden from the view
  • There was wrong styling within certain cards with compact-mode activated
  • The contacts page details sidebar size was incorrect
  • The project month view navigation buttons were not working
  • It was not possible to see the planning of individual crew members in My Schedule
  • The date picker in My Schedule does not match the view type after refreshing
  • The activate license button stayed visible after activating the license
  • There was a typo in the Dutch version of the notification settings page
  • Manual (un)pinning was not remembered
  • Opening (hovering over) the module menu loaded an otherwise infinitely loading projects overview/document templates list
  • No password length restriction led to a denial of service


Version 263


Some of the Support Center links are updated to the newest articles

The crew member field is now automatically cleared after assigning a crew member to a task

The width for the project template name and search field is now increased

The contact and location card within a project received small adjustments, allowing more space for important information

Contact persons are now ordered alphabetically

Tags, notes, and tasks are now available in the Statistics module

The project number in the project template search dropdown is now back


Bug fixes

The size of the contacts page details sidebar was incorrect

It was not possible to see the planning of a selection of crew members in My schedule

The date picker in My Schedule did not match the view type after refreshing the page

Various filters were not working correctly in the statistics 

Fix in the API for the column for comments for the availability request

Appointments were not editable when viewing appointments of all crew members in My Schedule 

Subproject names were not aligned to the main project when created with project templates

The “Per day" project view did not show any projects 

After assigning power user roles to crew members when having more power user than in 

our license, the message remained after solving the excessive power users

My schedule was not loading filter changes

The filter ‘has files’ in was not working the Crew Planner

The "Decide later" link when updating your license confirmation did not work

Adding a character after the @ in an email address search added the search result rather than the full email address

The KvK (Kamer van Koophandel) search modal had issues searching companies

The "Insert image" button was missing in the second personal text box

Grouping and sorting in the Statistics module was not remembered after closing the statistic

Drag and drop possibility was not working for extra input fields

Additional conditions are not ordered alphabetically in the financial tab of a project

Dragging a selection of functions from one function group to another shifted the selection to the original position

There was no popup about resetting your number series when deleting the highest but not most recently generated invoice number

The last name field for private individuals had the wrong header

There was no visible error shown when invoices could not be downloaded because of a deleted file

The horizontal line module in the template editor was only visible if thin lines were turned off

The usage percentage was always 100% for new items in the Statistics module

Notes were invisible if the user did not have the rights to create notes


Version 262


We made various improvements to the Project and My Schedule calendar view. You can find a ‘Today’ button, week numbers, date filters, and improved scrolling.


Bug fixes

The notifications list page had display issues

The project name was not displayed on the warehouse booking screen and the crew planner for newly created projects

The ‘Until’ filter in outstanding inspections did not take the inspections on the selected date into consideration

The date filter in the Shortages, Subrentals, the Crew planner, and Rental requests module did not work when the item had a larger time period than the filter

Overdue invoices were not highlighted in red for a short period

Task filters were filtering on the creation date instead of the deadline

Dragging extra input fields added random values to their default text

Date filters in the project list were not displaying certain projects

New contacts had "Tax rate" set to "None" by default

Marking bulk equipment as lost booked all remaining items back to your warehouse

When making changes in the subproject, the name of the main project became the name of the first subproject

The X button did not work to close message previews

The equipment availability changed incorrectly after allocating reservations

Applying distance did not work with only a city filled in

'Complete and new' option for tasks requires tab refresh before being visible

‘Per km’ was showing in Transport functions where it should say miles

It was not possible to proceed to import equipment with all columns excluded

Project documents were not visible in My Schedule when checking project information of the function


Version 261


New API endpoint: Appointments (write)

It is now possible to import the stock management method for sales items

We reintroduced a shortcut (alt + z) to edit kit prices based on the content in the equipment tab of a project 

Back from the drawing table - the possibility to pin columns. You can now pin columns globally for your workspace, activated from the display settings by clicking on your username.

We increased the maximum width for 'name' columns

There is a better distinction between email body text fields and additional text for documents 

There is better equipment type indication in the details sidebar

You can now get the serial number allocated to the project through the API once scanned

Improved Error page


Bug fixes

The quantity in cases did not update instantly when changing the item type of the case

It was possible to create projects with 0 subprojects

Double-clicking ‘Mark as lost’ created a negative quantity in the warehouse

Planning equipment and doing very specific actions prevented a project from saving

Assign serial numbers option was available for items in the equipment module

Deleting a VAT scheme in use prevented projects with that VAT scheme from saving

Shortcuts title was shown in Dutch as "Sneltoetsen" instead of "Shortcuts"

Project types were not in alphabetical order in the project type selection modal

There was an issue marking serialized equipment as lost

Draggin a function to a different function group returned the function to the original group 

Lite users were unable to save projects after creating a task

Undefined serials present in the Warehouse when booking

Manual reservations were ignored in the quick availability lookup modal

Selecting crew in item grid of the crew scheduling tab also selected crew in the selection grid for specific accounts

Scrolling issues in lists with mousepad

Discount groups for contacts were not editable in bulk edit

Adding a new contact/location from a subproject or project did not automatically add the contact

It was possible to drag modal headers out of the screen

Dutch text in details sidebar of Contacts

Sales projects without times could be booked in the warehouse


Version 260


New API endpoint: Creating project requests from other tools

New API endpoint: The content of kits and cases

New API endpoint: Time registration + activities (read)

New API endpoint: Repairs (read)

New API endpoint: Project price


Bug fixes

When adding equipment via "easily add equipment" the previously selected folder was not taking into account.

Dragging and dropping a file in the details sidebar did not work

The number of current power users in a license was not visible in the activation process, only the number of excess power users

Changing the time of a function group did not choose the correct planning period

Time validation was not working correctly

The quantity calculated of content did not update when an item is changed to a case with stock already present

Manual stock mutations were not deleted upon creating serialized equipment items


Version 259


We now display the item code in the Warehouse module 

Editing a cell in the grid now immediately opens the dropdown, removing a click in the process

You will see an improved assign modal when you have excess power users

We made the activation, upgrading, and downgrading process clearer

You will now see a warning when switching sales items to not track stock

We now only allow picking corresponding serial numbers when you mark equipment as lost or defective 

We changed the text on the 'upgrade' button when picking or changing your license


Bug fixes

Equipment did not export from the equipment list when ticking "Skip equipment without serial numbers"

Unable to save projects when these were made with a project template that contained tasks 

The expand/collapse icon was not aligned to the center

Certain VAT schemes prevented projects from being saved

An error showed while parsing the exported value of custom fields in HTML

There was a difference in "scan return" between the new and the old interface 

'Back and forth' column in the 'Crew and Transport' tab did not calculate prices and distances automatically when adjusting it from within the table


Version 258


You can now enable API fields to be for details view only

New API property: the current stock of equipment items

We moved the label for the default plan status into the bar next to the eye icon in the crew planner 

When using the standard payment condition for invoices, the due date field is now filled with the correct day instead of remaining empty

We added an option to edit your columns edit to the column sets dropdown menu

We now open a tab for the configuration menu, making navigating easier

You will now see a downgrade modal when continuing the activation process with fewer power users

The text of a new comment line is now directly selected so you can start typing a new name immediately

You can now delete tags for all the attached items in one go

We resolved a difference in the function placement in the different tabs of a project


Bug fixes

For a short period, it was not possible to save projects when these were made with a project template that contained tasks 

The expand / collapse icon was not aligned to the center 

The address formatting for different countries was not working correctly

The grid headers in the compact mode were misaligned 

It was unable to complete private tasks in the tasks module 

The columns "Quantity calculated" and "Current quantity" of sets were not updated when deleting content 

Extra input fields had issues loading and working correctly

It was not possible to scroll up/down through subprojects in a Safari browser

A translation issue in an error for active serial numbers

Equipment did not export when choosing to export just the item without the serial numbers and skip equipment without assigned serial numbers checkbox is selected 

Equipment items did not export when no serial numbers were assigned and the item was booked 

The status of planned Equipment mentioned "invalid reservations" when there were no reservations

Changes for serial numbers were not saved when adding or deleting a 0 at the beginning 

Unable to scan serial numbers of alternative equipment in the warehouse


Version 257


We added an export function for the selected inventory counts

We made the planned costs column available for freelancers in the activities screen

The focus on buttons is now clearer, which also makes using your keyboard and shortcuts user-friendlier

Improvements to default names for different items

You can now export a list of upcoming inspections in the maintenance module

Planning a selection of crew members on a selection of crew functions can now be done with one click

We added linked items to the details sidebar of tasks


Bug fixes

You could not unassign serial numbers

Selecting the 'Default' payment condition when generating invoice caused the expiration date to be taken from the default expiration date of quotes and contracts.

Subrental status did not have the correct order and contained a default status 

Could not scroll up and down through subprojects in Safari

The crew planning quantity cell contents in projects  were misaligned

Displaying the equipment details in the inventory count module did not work

We removed "unnamed surname" when the contact’s last name is left empty

Clicking on details in a subrental request did not instantly load the details in the sidebar 

The order of subprojects in the dropdown when adding equipment was not the current order but the order in which they were created

Adding a file to projects added two files visually, and the uploaded file only showed after a refresh

The export screen did not open after you closed it ones using the x button

Missing the possibility to move notes from one subproject to the other.

Empty text fields such as comment lines were showing text

Plan option visible / invisible had a visual width issue

An inactive serial number could be added to a project via the warehouse

Translation mistake for sets in dutch

Adding a crew rate from overview gave an error even though the rate as added

Visual issue when resizing the  timeline in the crew planner

Could not create blank invoices with payment conditions that were set to default

Fixed duplicate item function in the equipment planning tab of a project

Downgrading power users in the activation process did not work correctly for expired accounts

Project details sidebar was not loading in the timeline view

Clicking on the edge of the search button did not open the button

Clickable cells were not focusable in the grid

It was possible to have a non-public task without assignments

The stock did not update when deleting serial numbers without a purchase date

Updating the planning period and editing the connected equipment groups without saving kept the equipment group linked to the old planning period

It was possible to complete a repair before the start date

Completing an overdue task in the future immediately removed the red color

An alert message in saved extra input fields was not correct

Xero: "Start export" button became inactive even if invoices failed to export

Multiple payment confirmations were sent to both the account manager and the customer when paying online

Setting a serial number to "inactive" after assigning it to an item in a project lead to problems when booking the item in the warehouse

Costs of canceled subprojects were included in the total profit of the main project.

Some of the style of "Rentman style 2" disappeared in the subprojects module

Equipment on multiple lines in a project gave the wrong values in the financial tab after creating a subrent

The date picker opened when changing the time value in a column

Equipment marked as lost in the warehouse did not move to the returned status automatically


Version 256


We added some more Support Center links within the software to help you out with certain topics

We made the planned costs column available for freelancers in the activities screen with a new option in the user roles

In the time schedule, pressing enter now updates times that are connected to equipment groups and function groups instead of not updating it 

We added a ‘Save and new’ option in the time registration module


Bug fixes

Previews for documents sometimes tried to load a non-existing file

An error was shown when you deleted a project in the calendar view

Import modal showed an error when you deselected a column

Login errors were hidden

The compact mode causes cut off sentences when changing equipment types

The crewplanner tried to fetch non-existing columns

Open repair jobs did not show in the repair page

We fixed a crew planner performance issue

The shortages timeline was not loading

Duplicating function groups caused an error

User column settings sets were not correctly set on the first switch and broke the equipment tab

A grid button was not entirely responsive

The reservation modal did not have a card title

When calculating kit prices based on content, the calculated price was only shown after saving even if no unsaved changes were shown

The column menu was broken when overlapped on the equipment timeline

The equipment timeline scrollbar disappeared when moving to full screen

The default view of Time registration had visual duplicates and hidden items

Double-clicking on the column border of the rightmost pinned column did not increase its width enough to show all the data

When dragging planned crew onto a function, it sometimes disappeared

Default values for extra input fields did not work correctly

Going back to the old interface from inside a crew member redirected to an empty 404 page

The total margin calculated in the financial tab of a project  was not correct

There were incorrect links to templates when creating an account

Having a scrolled position and then planning crew members scrolled out of view

The stock card of the sale kits asked users to track stock

The client was not visible on an invoice when there was no client selected upon generating a new invoice

Applying Rentman style 2 to invoices hides most of the sum module

The tasks widget settings dropdown did not focus on there when opening

Repair date filters were using the until date

The total revenue statistic rounded up kits planned incorrectly

The booking status was remembered on the booking screen when switching tabs


Version 255


We have added support center links to various places in Rentman to better provide you with resources

You can now find column sets in Rentman! These allow you to organize information on your screen. Separate financial and logistic information, or create column sets based on the phase of your project.

We improved the column selection and now remember your last exporting selection

You can now mark a task 'incomplete' from the tasks module

We increased the sizes of image previews

There is now a 'preview unavailable' state when the image preview has unsupported file formatting

We Improved the grid settings and default settings

We made some smaller improvements to the compact mode


Bug fixes

Discounts were not calculated for the subhire discount (supplier) in the subhire tab of a project

The period of a subhire did not affect the factor of subhired equipment

Applied filters were not shown in the statistics module

Dragging and dropping crew members to functions in the crew planner did not work correctly

Changing the name temporary items in the shortages of a subrent did not update when changing it from the "Name" field in the equipment list

Repair date filters were using the ‘until’ date

Grouping documents by folder structure put items in the wrong folder

Kits no longer expand when being planned on a project

When adding more equipment, the screen did not scroll to the newly added equipment

Equipment folders in the Equipment tab did not collapse after clearing the search field

Copying functions over multiple days shuffled them in a random order

The serialized equipment planning column did not show data for newly added items

The first time adding a project via My Schedule have the possibility to add a project without a timeframe

The details sidebar opened when saving and closing equipment

Equipment data could be changed without having the rights to edit

We fixed the loading speed differences of the equipment tab in a project between the old and new interface

Pressing Enter to plan equipment did not work on the last item of the left grid

View all planning setting in My schedule was not remembered when changing tabs

Data being imported overlay still showed 3 rows of the importing preview underneath

Clicking outside the importing window while the import was loading, closed the window

The title of the details sidebar was missing in the lost equipment and repairs modules

Missing English translations for the import preview

The results window after a crew member import mentioned vehicles being successfully imported

You could not edit times in the time schedule

In the add accessories modal, the add button was not disabled when there was not a selection

The stock section was visible when creating sales kits


Version 254


A compact view to see more information on your screen. Activated by clicking on your username > display settings, various elements and fields become accessible without the need to scroll.

You can now group your extra input fields. Separate internal and external information, or divide equipment’s appearance details such as the colors and brands from feature details such as the software that is installed.

You can now choose to display the total amount of case items on documents when you have planned multiple of the same case.

We have added a variable selection to file names and subject lines in the template editor

We have improved the file names for digitally signed documents

You can now resize columns to the default width with a new option in the column menu

The purple status notification in the equipment tab of a project decreased in size

The 'shift times' option in the time schedule has now become a primary action

When creating a document for equipment in the serial numbers tab, the equipment now remain selected in the modal to create the document

You can now use the 'contains' comparator for conditional styling in document templates

When you delete an item such as equipment, a project, or a contact, its tab will now close


Bug fixes

Booking a portion of sale items multiplied the amount booked which changed the stock

The details sidebar in the Crew and transport tab contained Dutch words

Certain users had varying values in the revenue bar chart, pie chart, and the statistics

The due date field for payment reminders was missing

The "Close without saving" option caused items to be uneditable by other users until saved

The highlight for functions that have a planning period that differs was not visible

The navigation tab bar moved under tabs when clicking on information in the grid of the serial numbers tab within equipment items

Unable to log into expired trial accounts

Fixed loading speed differences of the equipment tab within projects between the old and the new interface

Equipment barcode column was not updated right away when adding a new barcode

Planning equipment quickly planned the equipment when entering the quantity

The button to delete an email template was not visible

Creating a document in an unsaved new project caused an error

Serial numbers were not calculated in the stock when the stock count was set to individual counting before giving all those serial numbers a purchase date. The numbers are now corrected for all affected users.

Extra inputs fields could not be deleted if both the header and item was selected

"Turn on automatic updates" from the global profile did not work

Unable to generate invoices from projects when there was no client selected

For certain users, the statistics did not load


Version 253


You can now quickly add equipment on projects using your keyboard

We made it possible to continue through 'blocking' modals when you are adding equipment solely by using your keyboard

We improved the visibility of the quantity fields and the focus area

We removed the code field from the modal to quickly add equipment

You can now add a new column: Stock calculation method. This column displays how your stock is calculated, by entering a quantity for bulk items or by counting the number of serial numbers.


Bug fixes

The description of the periodic inspections showed html in the " periodic inspection" tab of equipments

The quantity and date of purchase fields for stock mutations required a refresh to become read-only

Brought back serial numbers were not automatically selected for a given item when going back to the "Assign serial numbers" screen

There was a missing translation for an error shown in our old interface

The order of a kit’s content in a project was different than in the equipment module

A missing translation for a message triggered by deleting a serial number’s QR code

An error was shown creating a new dashboard and reordering the widgets

When bulk downloading invoices, an error was shown and no zip file was made

Kits had an edit button in the stock card, even though it is not possible to edit a kit’s stock

The 'open timeline' button was still visible in the equipment list view when a user did not have timeline permissions

The lock icon in the financial tab was missing when prices were locked

Extra input fields were shifted on a project’s general page, showing whitespace

The quick availability lookup icon was visible for users without permissions to the equipment timeline

The option to set a time as the default time did not work

You were unable to edit additional costs

You could not mark equipment as found

You could not mark a repair as completed

The button to edit in the serial number’s view was missing translations

When resetting a set’s content, the items you added to  projects were not removed


Version 252


New API endpoint: additional costs

We now show a warning when you generate financial documents for projects that have unsaved changes. This automatically saves the projects

We have added the project’s and subproject’s totals to the details widget of functions. As a planner, you can use this to see the total volume so you plan enough transport for a project

The details sidebar will now fold if the selected item is no longer visible


Bug fixes

Double-clicking on the column border did not increase the width correctly to fully show the data

The yellow highlight did not show after inviting crew member for a function

The warning color was off when the subproject times did not fully solve the shortage

Dropping multiple files at once for uploading did only uploads one of them

Trying to delete an equipment group plus equipment that is located in a separate equipment group only deleted the first complete equipment group

The "Book equipment in warehouse" button did not work

There was a console error when canceling to plan equipment without having an equipment group selected

For Safari 14.0: Embedded pdfs were not loading anymore

Could not edit an equipment group in the equipment grid of the Subrent module

An error was not shown if you were assigning serial numbers to equipment without times

Filtering in the crew planner did not work correctly

Reordering columns that were pinned to the left could not be dragged to the left

The download file button did not work after generating multiple equipment tags

Equipment folders in the Equipment tab of a project did not collapse after clearing the search field

You were unable to assign serial numbers in the Equipment tab of a project

The tooltip in My Schedule and the crew planner had a distracting fading effect

There were issues with the planning period preview calendar on the details tab of a project

When duplicating contacts, the accounting code was not cleared for the duplicated contact

The administrative contact person was not linked to the generated invoice when there was no client selected for the first invoice

Regenerating an invoice did not update the subject line and the file name

Adding a new time to the time schedule when focussed on the date picker blocked the reordering of the added time

There was a minor design issue when having quotes in other subprojects

Switching to the improved interface from the planning tab of a project prevented you from navigating to the open project

Creating a project with equipment from a project template and switching to the equipment tab while saving the project, did not load your equipment

'X' button of the accessories modal in the equipment tab a project did not work

Deleting a project from the projects module in the timeline view caused an error 

Changing from a power user role still showed crew member as a power user in the license page until you refreshed the page

You could not add extra input fields

The equipment timeline had issues loading in various modules

Navigating to the financial page of a project showed a warning about your equipment’s availability

When the planning period and the period of planned crew members differed, it showed black underlining instead of a subtle shade

Creating an invoice and switching to a project at the same time closed the project

An error was shown when pasting an equipment group


Version 251


You will now see a screen to quickly create equipment, which includes the most important equipment details. Hiding this modal is optional and we added an option to bring back this screen. Once the item has been created, you can redirect to this newly created item

We have added a modal where you can easily change your equipment type, where we also give an explanation about the differences between items, kits, and cases

New API endpoints: the availability for crew and tax classes

We added a ‘do not show again’ checkbox to the warning when you are using an adblocker

We added an option to sort your time schedule on the 'dragged' order on your documents

We made performance improvements to grids and increased the loading speed when switching tabs


Bug fixes

Canceled subprojects’ functions were not struck through in the crew planner

Clicking on different resources in the crew planner did not show the correct schedule

The expiration date for crew invitations was not working correctly

The equipment name" of extra input fields was still present after deleting the trial data. This prevented equipment from being saved when you were using it.

Adding additional days in the crew invitations for their availability did not take over the times

Only the last unplanned function in the crew planner was being displayed

The edit button in the stock card was shown for sales items

The discount and factor columns overlapped heavily in our default document templates which resulted in unreadable columns

Changing the times for crew functions did not display the pop-up which asks you to keep the times for your planned crew

The date picker in the My schedule view per month was navigating to the wrong dates 

The button to copy the client’s location to the project location did not work

The variables for the location’s contact person showed the information about the default contact person on documents

The crew planner timeline scrollbar was moved outside of the timeline

Selecting days when copying function over for multiple days reset the calendar to the current month whenever a day was selected

Switching subprojects through other tabs showed your selection when going back to a subproject

We solved the long loading speed of the equipment tab

Unable to download a file for a specific view within projects


Version 250


Your selected rows and scrolling position are now remembered when switching screens

We aligned the presence of titles in various fields

We now show a loader when importing to show that your data is still processing

We improved the performance when looking at the equipment availability and timeline


Bug fixes

The 'costs' and "Custom costs" column were visible in the Vehicle planning

Unplanned equipment remained on the sidebar while scanning when it was booked to the project in the warehouse

The comment line icon was not shown and the icon background was shown in the equipment group header

In the statistics module, projects columns "From(period)" and "Until(period)" showed dates in 2013 and 2033 respectively

Newly added extra input fields were only visible after refresh

It was not possible to add notes to a project in My Schedule with the general notes permission activated

Corrected grammar in a dutch error

Pasting an empty group in the equipment tab generated an error

In my schedule, double-clicking on a project quickly caused transition errors

You could delete stock mutation with the view and edit rights for equipment, but then mutations would reappear after refresh

Dragging multiple time periods at once only dragged the one you were dragging from

Details widget in the serial numbers tab opened outside of the screen instead of resizing the grid

Deleting a user role that was in use showed unintentional behavior

The total profit was calculated incorrectly in the financial overview of a project

It was unable to edit stock for equipment

You were not asked to save the changes when navigating from the configuration to another screen

You could not add tasks or notes to newly created equipment items


Version 249


You can now create projects from calendar views

We have improved the details sidebar for functions

We added a read-only stock tab for items where the stock is calculated by serial numbers 

We now indicate the subproject status in the subproject selection dropdown and in the project’s page header 

Dutch translation change: 'Magazijnlocatie' becomes 'Locatie in magazijn' within the grouping dropdown in the warehouse


Bug fixes

The subproject’s location will not reset when deleting your second subproject

Snelstart export could not be imported into Snelstart due to a rounding difference when a three-decimal-rounding occurs

Calendar sometimes showed lines incorrectly between dates

Bulk editing "Plan from" of planned crew/transport broke the crew/transport planning tab

We now prevent differences in the subproject location and the project location when there is only one subproject

When the Date of Purchase for a serial number was null, it caused bugs in certain Rentman features

It was still possible to edit payment statuses for finalized invoices

Adding an equipment group after deleting all equipment made deleted equipment reappear

The Empty Database page in the configuration module had a missing translation

Adding items to a grid sometimes added multiple of them visually

Missing dutch translation for when a project did not have a client

Scheduled exporting to Xero did not work

The factor and discount of certain items reset when saving a project on a specific account

Button spacing not respected for dashboards on smaller screens

Missing translation for while importing

Pressing enter in a discount field in the financial tab did not confirm your input

The shortcut list was out of the screen view

Adblocker popup scrolled over the  top bar and out of view

Deleting item with the details sidebar open and locked caused an error

Clicking on the notification about an incoming message did not open that message/email

Ungrouped function group total seemed to be zero after making changes in another tab, but was corrected after a refresh

It was not possible to edit extra input fields while ‘editable in project’ was set to ‘yes’

Your avatar and the news label were not clickable

Unable to count serial numbers that were booked out but brought back on a different project

Bookkeeping extension export dates started on Mondays instead of Sundays

Dashboards did not appear when being created


Version 248


Whenever there is an announcement or update, you will see ‘news’ next to your username

We have added new fields for serial numbers in the equipment module

Unconfirmed projects' status colors in the project list view and the crew planner are now yellow

There is a "no item selected" state for all sidebar widgets


Bug fixes

It was not possible to apply filters for synchronized projects in your Google Calendar

When clicking in the statistics overview  to export only certain statistics, the whole list would export

The Rentman logo was missing on Chrome notifications

Edit project type module header missed  translations

Unable to send the original invoice with a payment reminder

Adding project templates in the configuration did not have mandatory fields

Messages module: Adding a column under the "sent" option did not work

Items within a kit were shown outside of the kit in the equipment timeline of the project module

Updating of times was aborted when canceling the factor update modal

"Display in documents" and "display in webshop" options for equipment images were not shown anymore

The planning period of a function group only changed when the usage period was updated

Circular selection possible when picking columns for export

Could not add registered hours as a column to the overview in the crew and transport and planning tabs in a project

Changing the margin for the  text module in the document template editor did not work

Creating a new contact and choosing the country showed the wrong country on the map

String in `Hide Empty-Database button` button did not show properly

The locked sidebar was not remembered in the calendar and timeline view in projects

Adding a template from the template library with a double click gave permission error.

Unable to export manually added columns for assigned serial numbers in the equipment tab of a project

The license activation Email was not displayed in euros

Multiple 'My personal dashboards' were created

Wide columns influenced the editing name of an item in a project

Invoices with the due date set as today were taken into account in the amount of the overdue invoice in the invoices widget

'X' button on the edit function group did not work

Title attributes were broken in various places

Quick availability lookup showed the availability as zero for mixed Kits

The order of kit content in the Equipment module changed on its own

Exporting failed when adding the Serial number/Qr-code column

Projects donut chart showed wrong information

It was possible to dismiss the 'update function planning' modal


Version 247


We brought back some of the missing shortcuts in the improved interface

You can paste an equipment Group while there is no other equipment Group in the grid again

In various places, the folder structure in grids has improved with better indentation and visual elements

Increased performance of the 'create function' modal


Bug fixes

When choosing an alternative equipment item in the warehouse, the equipment name was missing

Changing folder name did not update the name in the folder sidebar

A kit's list price did not show on document templates

Verified email domains were being sent from @rentmanclient.com

The expiration date set for your quotes while generating the document could not be adjusted manually to the date on which you generated the document.

While having your projects in timeline overview, closing the details widget would hide the scrollbar

Reload pop-up when changing license did not disappear after refreshing the page

It was possible to have writing permissions for a module without having the overall permissions to that same module

Generating a crew planning document for multiple crew members used the default time period for all crew members except for the first selected

Grouping invoice Price exlc. VAT required a refresh before the correct information was shown

Invoices expired on the day of the due date and not after

Booking back all rental equipment made the project progress indicator show shortages 

The total Excl. VAT calculation did not include discounts on the equipment level

You were not able to activate an expired trial in the improved interface

'Show option' in crew planner module was not shown

Downloading several invoices did  not create a zip file but one long pdf file

Redo: When pinned columns were adjusted widely, the equipment grid would hide information

When multiple functions fell in the same selected time frame, some functions displayed a from and until time that matched the current time instead of the function times.


Version 246


We corrected the totals shown in the details sidebar of equipment within a project

Changed terminology: when adding factor groups, we renamed ‘Factor groups’ inside the modal to ‘Factors' and renamed the ‘Add Factor Group’ inside the modal to ‘Add Factor’


Bug fixes

In the equipment tab of a project, selecting a group with search active selected the entire group, including invisible items

You could not scroll while dragging item

When pinned columns were adjusted widely, the equipment grid would hide information

Subrenting shortages to an existing subrent project did not show the added items until further actions were taken.

Shortages within kit, did not make the kit appear in red

We removed date and time restriction from tasks - you can create and adjust tasks in the past 

Deselecting projects when sending planning email still showed them in the preview

You can choose the VAT options again when creating a quotation is missing

Mandatory fields were not checked when adding crew member

Visible errors when planning equipment by double-clicking the 'details' button in the equipment list

In the document template editor, moving a block or module and changing tabs without saving changes mad the module float on the document

Issues loading the crew planner in the old interface

While editing multiple equipment items in your database, there was an unnecessary checkbox

Resizing the left column in for the equipment planning resulted in displaying issues

Activating an account while your trial was expired was not possible


Version 245


We added a field for planned crew and vehicles to add remarks for the planner

You will now receive a confirmation email after changing your license

The API can now send the total price for quotes, both including and excluding VAT

In the improved interface, extra input fields are now accessible while changing the planning

We improved the flow to create quotations in the improved interface

The button to sort your time schedule is now located on the left side of the time schedule

When selecting text in a cell, only the background turns blue instead of the whole cell


Bug fixes

A fix in the user role settings in the invoices module when changing the payment status

Projects were not displayed as canceled if you would scroll through the timeline view in the projects module

It was not possible to download an import template file by crew members

Reserving crew member in the timeline showed an error when using a keyboard

The tax breakdown was not displayed in the invoice editing screen

Unsaved changes indicator did not appear when changing the project status

If a user was logged in through the global login, the info in the calendar sync modal was not correct

Adding long links to notes made the edit/delete button fall off the screen

Deleting any email addresses when emailing documents deleted the last inserted address

Unfinalized invoices could not be viewed in accounts with locked invoices

Unsaved changes indicator did not show up until you changed tabs while editing extra input fields

Could not add a correction to hours in the time registration module

Planned crew remark was not visible in My Schedule

An error was shown when adding images to document emails

An error was shown after signing quotations

The inventory did not update when a customer was charged for a lost item in the warehouse


Version 244


We improve the folder indentation of equipment items in the equipment planning grid

Improved focused visibility of inputs in the grid

Improvements to the time-based stock changes for entering the quantity manually


Bug fixes

A kit's list price did not show on document templates

Returned delayed projects did not leave the delayed column in the warehouse instantly

The crew member’s availability timeline only showed some of the selected crew members

The email signature field in the configuration module did not have an ‘add image’ button

Dashboard widgets disappeared when clicking on the dashboard again in the navigation bar

The equipment tab widget to check the availability did not work correctly

Bugfix for the availability lookup modal

The keyboard shortcut to switch between tab was the same as @ on Italian keyboards

Comment lines were counted as equipment in projects, resulted as shortages in the project progress indicator


Version 243


You will now receive a confirmation email after changing your license

We renamed the edit button to ‘open’ in the rental request overview

New equipment groups modal showed the wrong title

Rentman now remembers the settings from created documents

We added the shortcut Shift + Alt + 1 (or choose 2 or 3) to quickly add a task, note, or files from anywhere within an item

We removed the hover state for lists that don't have an action

Clicking on a time cell of a function now opens the time period modal


Bug fixes

When adding a new dashboard, the save button was not instantly clickable

When adding multiple widgets,  your screen would freeze

The new warehouse icon was not taken over in the sub-tabs of the warehouse module

The search grid toolbar for kit contents, accessories, and alternatives in the equipment details was  not there

Newly added accessories got the wrong order when there was no grid selection

Duplicated equipment featured image were taken over from the original, but had no files attached

Notes added by an account manager to contacts and equipment were set as confidential but were still visible

Public tasks linked to contacts had the delete icon in the task modal for users with editing only rights for tasks

Tasks created from the tasks module did not show up to other users

A refresh was required to remove a deleted user role

Error was shown after saving a piece of new equipment that had a file

Fixes for the Quick availability lookup modal


Version 242


The visibility setting for a note in the notes widget is now indicated

You can find a new project progress icon that indicates the status of your equipment


Bug fixes

Percentages larger or smaller than 100 were shown as x% instead of x00%

The "My schedule" text in the Dashboard calendar widget was not translated for some languages

Double clicking on the equipment name field for planned equipment was overwriting information instead of inserting new information.

Fixed issues for the quick availability lookup

Inconsistent header formatting for tasks and notes/files in the sidebar

The files widget did not have have a files icon


Version 241


We are allowing notes, files and tasks to be added to items, regardless of rights to edit that item

The current user will be prefilled when creating a non-public task

You can now switch tabs with a keyboard shortcut: Alt + `

There is now a default project packing slip template for project types

We implemented the logging of changes within an equipment group


Bug fixes

Having “create invoices” checked within the project rights while having the project view turned off did not let you switch off invoices

Default warehouse packing list option was not respected

Changes to the first line of a factor group were not saved

Logging in through the Global login did not after login

Files were missing in the My Schedule module


Version 240


Pinned column filter will be disabled when searching for equipment

We are allowing the possibility to create function groups in the select function groups modal

Time registration will show the total hours instead of days and hours


Bug fixes

The factor should only be updated after changing the usage period and not the planning period

Assigning periodic inspections to equipment were not saved

Cancelled subprojects still showed up with the 'Not cancelled' filter in the statistics

The notification list was not closing after clicking on a notification

Cancelling a project moved all the project progress icons to the right

The scroll bar disappeared when adjusting the size of the timeline/project overview in the crew planner

Clicking the cross 'x' on modals did not work in all places

Email templates were were not deleted in the template list

Mandatory fields for tasks were not temporarily not mandatory anymore

Selecting and deselecting vehicles in the crew planner still remembered the vehicle selection

An error was shown when creating quotations

The list of serial numbers jumped and had a scroll bar

An error was shown when pasting the clipboard contents a second time

The styling of 'complete and new' in the Task module was incorrect

The country field for contacts was missing in version 236

In the projects view, only presets for the list view-type were visible

The order of kits in the main kit got mixed up when planned in a project and on a document

Crew planner: the spacing between the view and the tags selector was gone

Fixed issues with the  location distance modal calculations

Applying the distance button was disabled even though functions were present


Version 239


Build "revenue overview" column dashboard widget

Able to duplicate selected times in the time schedule

Able to shift / move / delay multiple times of project in one go

Switch the project "view type" selector and the "which days selector"

Add the date and the crew member selection to Crew/Transport slips

Restyling of the  time update conflict modal

Possibility to make the time schedule ordered chronological

An equipment group is no longer always added at the end of the list

Navigation bar improvements - new warehouse module icon

Clear price fields when you start typing on focus

Add 'code' field of equipment to the Public API


Bug fixes

Qr-codes were shown in classic license

Location address was not showing properly when the contact person had a long email address

Changing the name of a function group triggered the changed times modal

Extra input fields for crew members were missing as a card

Subrents did not influence the kit availability in the timeline

The spacing on the right side of search components were off

Spacing between the timeline and the grid was off in the shortages view

Planning emails were misaligned

Uploaded images were lost when creating new equipment (drag-n-drop)

Distance did not display for newly created contacts and was missing a label

You were unable to change purchase dates and the activity state of a Serial in one go

Missing translation for shifting times

Date was cleared when editing the date input

Adding the first equipment item of a project should have added a new equipment group by default

Inventory counting module scanning did not work after your first scan

Could not activate a license with credit card

Missing translation in the quick availability lookup

Shifting times for future projects to a specific date used wrong values

All the mails that return the "queued" status were sent multiple times

Total worked hours in the details widget of the time registration was not correct

The menu bar in a safari browser was not displayed properly 

The inline file uploader got stuck during a file upload step

Verified email domains were temporarily sent from @rentmanclient.com


Version 238


The quick availability lookup popup

Change the column title of “Project Progress (icon)” to “Project Progress”

Only show tabs when there is more than 1 tab

Add a line below save / close action buttons if there are no tabs

Able to switch more quickly between subprojects with shift + alt+ arrow keys

Make “My schedule” full width

The Document version is now shown in the financial tab

Show the equipment image from the equipment module also in the equipment tab of a  Project

Solve the visual difference between the quotation and the contract card in the financial tab of a project

Thousand/decimal separator for Switzerland should not change depending on "Show as" option for price column

Add all currencies to the list of currencies

Align group sums and discounts with the price field formatting on documents

Add shortcuts to quickly change the timeframe in the visual crew planner

Date picker browser compatibility improvement


Bug fixes

The export button for the serial number history was missing in the improved interface

Column options for price, date, discounts and duration fields were not working in the template editor

Scrollbars were missing in the equipment timeline

Slip names were not displayed in the mailing modal

Deleted factor group lines were still displayed until changes were confirmed and the changes were saved

Missing translation for the `Remove unused rates` modal

Adding crew or transport function with no selection to the 'ungrouped functions' did not work

Fixed inconsistencies in the process of setting Equipment images

On save helper caused dates to be cleared

Canceled changes to Stock mutation properties appeared in the grid

Fixed setting of the "public" attribute for Image files

Opening the timeline of kits containing sales items without initial stock mutations error was shown incorrectly.


Version 237


When adding tasks, have the deadline prefilled for  tomorrow and the visibility set as "personal"


Bug fixes

An adjusted start date of a duplicated project did not work correctly

Quotes were not loading in the financial tab of a project

It was unable to answer invitations

The company name did not update when changing it in the payment details page


Version 236


Possibility to plan future stock changes

Adding the missing rental request details sidebar

Inventory counting module in the improved interface

Exclude kits and equipment with zero quantity from the automated generation of mutations

Viewing send emails modal needed more space for email

Rename ‘amount’ fields to ‘current amount’

Switch the project "view type" selector and "which days selector"

Condense segments of Warehouse stock bar in a timeline

Possibility to set the first uploaded image as a default picture for equipment

Show the phone number and e-mail address of the client in the general-tab of a project

Hide serial numbers with a future purchase date from select fields

Update email modal

Show refresh banner after activating a license


Bug fixes

The Crewplanner in full screen did not resize correctly in Safari

Deleting future serialized stock mutations resulted in a deduction

Missing translation for stock mutation through a found item

Changing the type from bulk to count serials for equipment needed two save actions

Overdue invoices in the invoices overview were not filtered

Opening specific invoices from contacts view opened an empty tab

An error showed up when importing equipment

The incorrect type of socket message was generated during the Item update

Adjusted start date of a duplicated project wat not inherited correctly

An invalid stock quantity was created when deactivating and activating a serial number empty purchase date

The quantity calculated for items having zero in stock was missing the initial mutation

Quotes were not loading in the financial tab of a project

Changing the country during activation did not update the payment methods

It was unable to answer invitations

The company name did not update when changing that in the payment details page


Version 235


Improve planning mail preview in crew planner communication

Show a message when an ad-blocker is active

Export bank account number from Contact to Exact Online


Bug fixes

The navigation bar did not collapse as intended

Changing the order of subprojects did not always work correctly

Inventory count for sale items acted as "Enter delivery" rather than "Correct stock"

VAT and Price inc VAT amount in the extended view of minus invoices was not correct

Only have one calendar in the project calendar view is now solved

Creating time registration for multiple people registered time only for just one

Adding time when the subproject was selected did not add time


Version 234


Added validation to the improved time registration page

Improved equipment group name in equipment planning of a project

Week numbers were missing in the improved interface

Only allowing adding times to a subproject when the main project is selected


Bug fixes:

Incorrect end date when activating or switching licenses

When generating an invoice with setting "no contact person", the default contact person showed up on the document

Saving none default columns in statistics did not save them

Project times connected to a subproject were not shown when there was a single subproject

The revenue widget only updated after a refresh

Removing the project price from the invoice edit view was not reflected in the invoice overview table

The start time was not copied over to end time in the project time schedule

When planning a function with nothing selected, it asked for the subproject twice

Keyboard changing of date in time schedule did not work

The ‘add group’ button did not work when adding a function to the project when there was nothing selected


Version 233 


Time registration in the improved interface

Move the 'decline' button for rental requests to the header of the first card

Improved styling of the user roles screen

Make projects and invoices clickable in contact view

Be able to open equipment from the equipment widget within a project


Bug fixes

Support of Hebrew as a document template language

It was unable to export statistics information in the improved interface

A missing header above images in the details sidebar of equipment

Unable to click on ‘next/previous month’ in the Safari date picker

When changing the item type to a kit, the QR code card was still visible

Selecting the preset "all" in the project overview, calendar, per day, and timeline view did not actually clear the filters

Selecting to show the percentage or both the percentage and the amount for discounts did not work in the document template editor

The modal shown when users have lost internet connection did not close when clicking on X

The equipment timeline did not show the supplier in the timeline

The button to choose a date in the Warehouse module needed two clicks to open

It was unable to edit values within an extra input field belonging to serial numbers with the "Edit" button

A project that was made with the webshop integration did now show the times in the time schedule

Adding and editing tasks in modals resulted in the modal being closed

There was no option to add ‘free text input’ as a column in document templates

The headers of extra input fields for projects and subprojects were switched

Editing times in the time schedule and confirming with ‘enter’ did not update the inserted times

For some users when activating or switching licenses, there was an incorrect end date displayed


Version 232


Ability to lock the folder structure in the equipment module

We combined extra input fields that are for subprojects and projects in the same view

The communicate planning button is now accessible when you have crew functions selected

You now have the option to lock the folder structure into a sidebar in the equipment module

We removed the communicate planning button in the vehicle planning tab of a project


Bug fixes

Newly created projects were automatically taken out of the planning and the financial overview

The dashboard widget for tasks did not filter out tasks from project templates

The shortages tab did not load correctly

The crew planner in a project showed deleted crew members on functions, and communicating this planning did not show the correct crew members

It was not possible to open the date selector in the main screen of the warehouse module

When communicating the planning, the date picker would open directly, blocking the screen

It was not possible to enter times in the time schedule in Safari for projects created with a template

In the equipment module, jumping in the timeline left out some projects

The search bar in the crew members and vehicles module was closing shortly after inserting the first characters

The drop-down list for adding or hiding columns was partially hidden and inaccessible in the serial number history pop up

Duplicating serial number blocked the equipment editor from loading

Creating a new contact calculated the distance the first time from the Rentman office

The calendar in the details tab of a project contained a ‘today’ button, which did not make a lot of sense

Adding surface items was not possible

It was not possible to move equipment groups from one subproject to another


Version 231


Dashboard widget: compare revenue to the previous month


Bug fixes

Shortages and the equipment timeline were not appearing anymore for Lite licenses. You can now track your equipment availability again as usual

The estimated and planned costs of equipment also changed when changing the subrent price of equipment

Assigned serial numbers of items in projects can now no longer exceed the number of planned items. How would it even be possible to plan 2 items with 3 serial numbers attached to them?

When crew or transport was taken out of the planning, the project progress icon still turned red for not fully planned functions

The cancel button to not switch to the new interface still led you to the new interface

When creating a credit note, the invoice moment got selected automatically resulting in a total sum of 0

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