Functions can be planned in function groups that can be connected to your Time schedule, have their own time, or have a duration.

Adding functions to groups helps you save time. When you create a function group for a specific time, all the functions in that group will be linked to the times of that schedule. Therefore, you will not have to add a time for each function manually.

Furthermore, because function groups can be connected to your project's time schedule, you will not need to manually adjust the time settings for each function when you update your project's time schedule.

How you use function groups
Function groups offer various usage options. You can employ them to organize shifts, grouping functions that occur during a particular shift within a single function group. Alternatively, you can arrange functions by topic, grouping similar functions within a specific shift, such as grouping crew members from stage 1 in shift 1.

Create a function group from the Time schedule

  1. Navigate to the Time schedule tab of your project.
  2. Select the times that you want to create function groups from.
  3. From the blue bar that appears on the top, select Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 14.51.41.png

function groups.gif

You can see your function groups in the Crew and transport tab of your project and you will be able to add crew and transport functions to your project using the list on the left.

Add a function group manually

  1. Click on the  + Function group  button on the top right.
  2. Add a name and usage/planning period.
  3. Click on  Save

temp function.gif

Create a function with a duration

  1. Click on the  + Function group  button on the top right.
  2. Add a name.
  3. Click on the usage/planning period.
  4. At the bottom of the pop-up that appears, click on Enter a duration.
  5. Set the duration and click on  Apply
  6. Click on  Save

duration function.gif

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