By configuring the overview in the table_chart Projects module to your own preferences and needs, you can get a better overview of upcoming projects.

Projects' names are written in different colors so you can better distinguish what their status is:

  • Orange: Inquiry- Concept - Pending
  • Black: Confirmed - Prepped - On location - Returned
  • Grey: Cancelled

.Choose a view

You can choose between four views in the table_chart Projects module:

list List - A list of individual projects with customizable columns.


Within the list List, users now have the option to open a timeline for selected projects. The timeline will display the respective planning and usage periods for both the projects and their subprojects.

open project timeline list view.gif

date_range Per day - A list of projects, organized per day. This is useful to see what needs to happen on which day. You can also add the columns "Crew members" and "Vehicles" to the overview, so you can see which crew members and vehicles are planned for that day.


event Calendar - For the visualizers. Projects are shown over 30 days in a calendar, similar to the event My schedule module. The calendar view has the added bonus of allowing you to create a project by clicking on any day (i.e. the start date of the project).

access_time Timeline - A horizontally scrollable timeline with projects.



To choose one of the above views, click on list View expand_more button in the upper-right part of your screen.

Use filters and presets

You can use filters and presets to quickly search in the table_chart Projects module. You can filter by:

  • Time period (start/end)
  • Tags
  • Custom filters
  • (in all views except 'List') Which days
    • Equipment out
    • Equipment in
    • Need crew
    • Need transport
    • Every project day

Some useful presets are:

  • Confirmed projects - Has filter 'Is confirmed'.
  • Pending projects - Has filter 'Is pending'.
  • My confirmed projects - Has filters 'Is confirmed' and fixed value for 'Account manager'.
  • My pending projects - Has filters 'Is pending' and fixed value for 'Account manager'. 
  • To be planned - Has filter 'Crew required' and 'Is confirmed'.

The "Details" sidebar

The "mceclip1.png" sidebar is a quick way to see important information about the selected project. In the sidebar, you will get a quick glance at the project's:

  1. Name and location.
  2. Client and contact person.
  3. Calculated Planning and Usage period.
  4. Subrentals linked.
  5. Notes, task, tag or files associated.

scroll through project details.gif

For example, you could paste an e-mail message as a new note or upload a CAD drawing / blueprint.

Add columns

Adding a column to the overview is useful to quickly see important information about a project. You can do this in the List and Per day views.

For example, you can add the columns "Crew members" and "Vehicles" to the overview, so you can see which crew members and vehicles are planned for that day.

Some helpful columns to add are:

  • Already invoiced
  • Project price
  • Scheduled crew members
  • Vehicles scheduled

Project progress icons

The project progress icons allow you to have a quick overview of what needs to be done for each project. At a glance, you can tell if action is required, or if you are right on track when it comes to managing your project. You can add these icons as a column in your project overview, or check them from within projects.


The icons work on a traffic light system, with the following color scheme:

  • Grey: Not completed yet/no action required.
  • Green: Good to go! Action is complete.
  • Yellow: Heads up... Action is required at some point in the future
  • Red: Alert! Urgent action is required.

To have an explanation of which exact action is required, hover your cursor over the icon.



If a project has multiple subprojects, the icons in the overview will always display the "worst-case scenario".  For example, if crew and transport are planned on functions in 4 out of 5 subprojects, the account_circle icon be red for the entire project, showing that urgent action is required.



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