Generate a packing slip or a call sheet to show the planned equipment and scheduled crew for a project. You can do this from the Project module overview or from the General tab of the project.


Create a packing slip or call sheet

From the table_chart Projects module overview

  1. Select Vink_1.png a project.
  2. Click the print "Create Document" button.
  3. Choose one of the document templates from the "Template" field.
  4. Click Generate when you've configured all settings.

From the General tab of a project

  1. Click the print "Create Document" button.
  2. Choose one of the document templates.
  3. Click Generate when you've configured all settings.

If you change anything in your project or document, you need to regenerate your document before the changes are applied.

Now you can save, download, or email your document

From the Rentman Mobile app

  1. Go to the Warehouse module.
  2. Start to book a project.
  3. Click on the More actions icon on the top right.
  4. Select 'Create a packing slip'.
  5. Check the document settings.
  6. Choose between 'Show document' or 'Sign directly'.

You can also set an automatic email confirmation for the person signing the document.

Document settings


Choose a document template for this document.
Choose the letterhead for this document.
Personal text
You can add a personal message for the recipient on each document that you send. Type your text, or save time by using a personal text template.

Selected Subprojects

If you use subprojects, you can select which subprojects should be shown on this document. By default, all subprojects are shown on all documents that you generate. If a subproject doesn't appear in this list, please make sure that the subproject is not hidden on financial documents.


This will be used for the subject of your email, when you send the document to a client.

Open physical and virtual combinations
Choose whether the content of your physical and virtual combinations should be shown, or hidden.

Display letterhead in background
If you select this option, the letterhead you've selected will be applied to this document.

Save a document and attach it to the project

After creating a document, you can save it and and attach it to the project by clicking on save "Save to item". In this way you can keep all the documents regarding a project in the same place.

Your document is now saved in "Files" in the General tab of the project.

Email your document

You can email your document directly from Rentman by pressing mceclip3.png. You can also let your customers sign a document digitally.

Download your document

You can download your packing slip or call sheet as a .PDF or Word (.docx) file.

Don't forget to (re)generate your document to apply any unsaved changes, before downloading your file.

  1. Create a document
  2. Click on blobid1.png to download as PDF or Word file
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