Connect your accounting software to Rentman

Rentman allows you to quickly create an invoice, based on the content and financial details of your project. Doing accounting work in Rentman is limited, however, and is better done in your preferred accounting software.

We currently offer a connection to QuickBooks Online and Xero (English) and Exact Online (Dutch). Once you've aligned important contact information between Rentman and QuickBooks, you can let Rentman automatically export invoices.

A manual export is also possible, and can be imported in any accounting software that lets you import an .XLSX file.

If demand is high enough, we can add connections to more accounting softwares in the future.


Available connections

  • Automatically export invoices to QuickBooks
  • Automatically export invoices to Xero.

Use the Rentman API

Using the Rentman API, you can build your own connection with your favorite accounting software program.

Note: using the API requires technical programming skills and experience. If you don't have these skills, we recommend contacting an external developer or company to assist you. Our Support team is not trained in this field and cannot help you with the implementation of the API.

What about other accounting softwares?

We understand your wish to develop a connection between Rentman and the accounting software that you use.

Adding support for more accounting softwares depends on the demand for your preferred software, and how much time our developers need to spend building it. If we decide to support another software, we want to make sure we can keep maintaining the connection and provide good support.

Wondering about a connection to your preferred accounting software? Please contact our Support team and ask about the current status. We keep track of all input, and use it to decide future developments.

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