In the dvrMessages module, you can easily view the status of all emails that you've sent from within Rentman. This includes all sent documents to customers (quotations, invoices, contracts, packing slips, callsheets, etc.), planning emails to crew members, and invitation emails. There is also the possibility to view your received notes, which are sent to your Rentman email address.
Do you want to change the sender address of your emails? Read how to get your domain verified.

Did your customer not receive your e-mail, or is it being marked as spam? Read how to solve problems with emails.


All sent messages

You must have sufficient rights to access the messages screen. Make sure you have the correct user role.

  1. Go to the subfolder Messages from the dvrMessages module.
  2. In this overview, you will find all the sent messages.
  3. (Optional) Narrow your search by searching for a specific time period in the top left corner.

Email status

In the Sending status column, you will find the current status of your email. This status can be one of the options:

  • Sent
    The email server of the recipient has confirmed that the email has reached the recipient.
  • Delivering failed
    The Rentman email client, or the server of the recipient, determined that the e-mail could not be received.
    Did this happen, or is an email being marked as spam? Read how to solve problems with emails.

Send a note via e-mail

You can easily send a note to your Rentman profile, by sending an email to

It's possible to directly attach a note to a project, by including the project number (#13) in the subject of the email. Do it like this:


You can find the project number in the Number column in the Projects module, or in the General tab of your opened project. 

On some occasions, customers might accidentally send an email to instead of your personal email address. If this happens, their email will end up in your subfolder Notes received. To prevent this from happening, you can let us verify your email domain.

View and attach received notes

  1. Go to the subfolder Notes received from the dvrMessages module.
  2. In this overview, you will find all the notes received.

Attaching notes to a project can be done in two ways, from which the first one is described in Send a note via email. If this isn't done, you can attach the note manually in the Notes received subfolder. 

  1. Select pol.png a note.
  2. Click "Assign note"
  3. Search for a project to attach the note.
  4. Click  Save

If you attach a note to a project, it will not appear in the Notes received subfolder. Instead, it will directly appear in the General tab of your project.


What is my account name?

Read this article.

Can I see the content of email messages?

You can view the content of email messages by selecting the message and click "View", or by double-clicking the message. 

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