Logging in to your Rentman global profile and workspaces

Your Rentman global profile lets you log in to one or more company accounts (called "workspaces") using the same login details. This is useful for freelancers, who work with several companies, or for any user needing to access more than one account.

Do you usually log in to companyaccount.rentmanapp.com using a different username and password for each company account? This login method will soon be outdated. Please follow the instructions below to create your unique global profile.


Global profile vs. workspace

Let's start by defining these two concepts:

Global profile Workspace
Global profile - this is where you will find any workspaces (company accounts) your profile is connected with. This can be one workspace (e.g. if you are the owner of one company) or multiple workspaces (e.g. if you are a freelancer working for multiple companies). You can access your global profile by navigating to https://rentmanapp.com/login. When setting up your global profile for the first time, you can (optionally) choose if you would like to login through Google,  Facebook, or Apple.


Log in to your global profile

Every time a crew member is added to a workspace using a valid email address, a global profile is created for that email address. This means that if you are working or previously worked with a company using Rentman, you already have a global profile.

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To access your global profile:

  1. Go to https://rentmanapp.com/login.
  2. Choose between the four login options (Google, Microsoft, Apple, or email + password). Note: Global profiles are linked to email addresses, so choose the same address as the one used to add you as a crew member. If you use a different email address, you will create a new global profile that will not be connected to any workspace.

Log in to a workspace

After logging in to your global profile, all the workspaces linked to your email address will appear.

If your global profile is already connected to a workspace, simply click on the workspace to login.


You can also log in by going directly to workspace.rentmanapp.com and using your email address and global profile password.

Please read our articles about global profile troubleshooting to learn how troubleshoot the most common login issues.

Connect your global profile to a workspace

If you haven't connected your global profile to a workspace yet, you will see a lock icon and the warning message "Additional login details are required" over the workspace.


To connect your global profile to a workspace:

  1. Click on the workspace.
  2. Add the username/email address + password of the crew member for that workspace.
  3. Click on "Connect workspace".
  4. Read the information on the pop-up.
  5. Click the checkbox to confirm you understand that:

    - Once you connect your global profile to the workspace, the previous username and password (for the crew member) will be overwritten and replaced by your global profile login details.

    - From now on, you can only log in using the email address and password of your global profile.
  6. Click on "Connect workspace".

Move from one workspace to another

If you are done working on a workspace but you need to access a different one:

  1. Click on your (crew member's) name in the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Select exit_to_app Return to workspaces.
  3. Log in to a different workspace.

Log in using the Rentman Mobile app

Please read our dedicated article for more information on Rentman Mobile.

Change or reset your password

Please read our article about how to change or reset your password.

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