In this article, we explain how to book equipment using the browser version of Rentman. You can also book equipment with the Rentman Mobile app.

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General information

By booking equipment to a specific status, everyone in the warehouse knows what needs to happen with equipment items (or combinations) and where they currently are located. Additionally, particular details about equipment (broken items, alternatives for planned items, notes) can be directly reported.

It is, however, not mandatory to book equipment in Rentman. The equipment stock is based on the equipment planning, rather than the equipment booking.

Sales stock is only adjusted on booking. In other words, the stock levels related to sales are updated or modified during the booking process.

Note: The equipment status and the project status can be different.

When you book all equipment to another status, Rentman does propose to change the status of the (sub)project. This is optional.

Where to start

  1. Go to the Warehouse module, and locate the project you want to book equipment for.
  2. Click on "Book", in the (sub)project tile.


In the Warehouse module, we offer you the flexibility to tailor your display to your preference. You can easily switch between two views: Tiles and List view. Watch the video below to see how it's done.

lis view.gif

Overview of the booking screen

To explore detailed information about equipment items, such as names, planned quantities, remaining bookings, assigned serial numbers, and more, as well as manage equipment statuses, customize display settings, and sort equipment, please visit this page on the overview of the booking screen.

How to manually book your equipment

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