Send invitations to crew members all at once 

You can invite crew members to fill in their availability, or invite them directly for a specific function. In this article, we explain different ways you can use the invitation feature within the crew planner. 


Crew members receive invitations by email and the Rentman Mobile app. Rentman directly registers the answers in the crew planner.

Send invitations to crew members all at once 

When you have configured who you want to invite to different functions using click-to-invite, you can send the invitations all at once. 

updated sending invitations flow.gif

To send invitations:

  1. Click on Invite and send at the top right corner of your screen and choose 'Send invitations'. The number next to 'Send invitations' shows the number of unsent invitations.
  2. In the Planning pop-up, pick the projects and functions.
  3. Select the Crew member(s) you want invited to the function(s).
  4. Select the Invitation Type you want sent out and assign a due date. 
  5. Click on Add message  
  6. (Optional) You can choose the due date and add a message. For adding a message, you can also create/apply a template.
  7. Send invitations
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