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Why shifts are useful

Shifts are used for internal non-project work and are meant to improve how you plan your crew's work and manage resources. It allows you to organize schedules more effectively, going beyond just project-based tasks. 

Example: You might need 5 guys in the warehouse on a certain day because it will be busy. You do not want to plan them per project they are going to pick literally, but you might need one of them to do a delivery in the afternoon. Now you can assign your 5 crew members to the shift: “warehouse crew” for that specific day (10:00 - 20:00) and still plan one crew member on that delivery function at 14:00 - 15:00.

This feature helps bridge gaps in scheduling, giving you more flexibility for both internal tasks and contracted work. Whether you're overseeing freelance crew or your own staff, shifts offer clearer visibility and simpler planning. It's not just for crew planners; it's useful for anyone coordinating various types of tasks, making it handy for efficient resource management in any business.

Getting started with shifts

To start using shifts, first, you need to create them. This article explains how you can create regular, recurrent, and default shifts

Video tutorial

Mastering shifts: how to work with shifts

You can also edit and delete shifts. This article explains how you can edit or delete existing shifts.

Planning and inviting crew members to shifts are very similar to functions. Read this article to learn how to plan crew members on shifts, and take a look at this article to learn how to invite your crew members to shifts

Crew members can also register the time they worked on shifts. Here is how to enter your time registration.


What is the difference between shifts and functions?
Functions are designated for tasks within projects, while shifts are reserved for tasks outside of specific projects, such as cleaning the warehouse, delivery pickups and office administration.
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