After planning your crew on project functions, it's time to communicate the planning. You have three options to do this:

Send emails Send planning file Send project callsheet

This option allows you to send personal schedules by email. A personal schedule is a list of all functions a crew member is planned on. The schedule is individual, meaning that the person who receives it can only see their own planning, and it contains times, locations, and remarks for the function.

You can choose this piton if the crew members need little context on the project.

To send personal schedules by email:

  1. Go to the account_circle Crew planner module or the Crew scheduling tab in a project.
  2. Click on the   mail_outline Invite and Send  button on the top bar and choose 'Send planning'
  3. Select a period and the projects.
  4. Select crew members (if there has been a change since the last time you communicated the planning, the crew members affected by the change will have  next to their name).
  5. (Optional) Check the e-mails by clicking on 'Preview' on a crew member.
  6. Click  Send  in the bottom right corner.
  7. (Optional) Add a custom email text.
  8. Click  Send

send planning 2.gif

An example of a planning email

Your crew members can use the Rentman Mobile app (or access via browser) to check their schedule and answer invitations.

If your crew members regularly check the event My schedule module, you don't have to manually send the planning. On the event My schedule module each user can click on a project to see up-to-date information and add notes/tasks.

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