My emails are not sent or are not received

Email communication in Rentman is very important. You rely on your emails and they inform you with important details such as project rejections, planning from crew members and signed documents. If your emails are not sent or received, read here how to fix this.


Is the email address correct?

It might sound like a standard solution, but we kindly ask you to have a second look at the email address. Is the email address really the correct one, without spelling mistakes?

Is it marked as spam or is it a bounce?

Sometimes, email can be marked as spam. Your email will end up in the spam folder of the client, and he might even never see the email. To prevent such cases from happening, please read this article to improve your spam score.

Bounces are emails that are never received. It can be the case that the email address which you are trying to send an email to is on a blacklist. In that case, contact us, so we can help you (see next section). This article explains more about bounces: Bounce emails.

Contact Rentman

If the above options didn't work out for you, perhaps our Support team can help you out. Send an email to or call us at +31 30 711 6844.

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