My project is not showing in the Warehouse module

In the group_work Warehouse module, you can scan projects in and out of your warehouse. Not all projects show up in your warehouse since they have to meet some criteria for this. In this article, we will explain why your project might not show up in the group_work Warehouse module.


Is the due date correct?

In the standard settings of the group_work Warehouse module projects with a due date of today are being shown in the To pack section. This means these projects have to be packed today. A project's due date is when the planning period has started.

To change the standard setting of "Today" as due date, you can change the date in the top left corner in the group_work Warehouse module


Is the project confirmed?

Projects only show up at the To pack section of the group_work Warehouse module when they are confirmed. Make sure you confirm your project before being able to scan your equipment in the warehouse. Read the article about project statuses to learn more about how this works.

Are the subprojects visible in the planner? 

Subproject only show up at the To pack section of the group_work Warehouse module when the option Planner is selected in the project.

  1. Open the list of subprojects.

  2. Next to a subproject, select the option Planner:

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