My subproject doesn't show up in my financial document

Subprojects are helpful to divide your bigger projects into smaller pieces or to give more flexibility in, for example, invoice processes. However, it might happen that a subproject doesn't show up in your financial documents.


Shown in financial documents?

When subprojects are created, you can select whether they have to be shown on financial documents or not. Open the subproject menu of your project and check or uncheck the boxes to show a subproject on financial documents.


Selected subprojects for financial documents

One pro of subprojects is that it gives flexibility in creating and sending out quotations and invoices. Before generating your document, you can select which subprojects you would like to show on your document. Make sure you select all the subprojects you want to show on your document before generating the document.

In the example below, you see that 2 items are selected (left image). Click on this overview to show which subprojects are selected (right image).

2020-07-08_15_11_52-Create_quotation___Rentman_rental_software__1_.png         mceclip2.png

Choose split subprojects in document templates

You can also display information per subproject on documents by adding the Subproject block in the document template. However, for contracts and quotations, Rentman has premade templates in the template library, where there is already a split made in the document between subprojects.  


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