Change the email sender address and verify your domain

You can choose what sender address should be displayed when customers receive your emails. By default, this is

You can change this to or
With this address, customers will recognize you as the sender instead of a sender with the default domain

You can also choose a different 'reply to' address.

Warning: When you change the sender address, emails you send with Rentman may be marked as spam in the email client of the receiver. This is because the changed sender address has not been verified.

We can verify your domain name for you, which will grant Rentman permission to actively send emails with your domain name. This process involves changing DNS settings on your side and letting Rentman verify these changes, for which we charge a one-time fee. Read more about this in this section.

Available for: Lite Classic Pro


Change the sender address

Warning: A changed sender address in Rentman only changes what domain name will be displayed for the customer. Your emails are still sent from Rentman's servers.

  1. Go to the Configuration module > Customer communication > Communication
  2. For the option Send emails from, choose one of the following:
Option Displayed sender address Reply-to-address
Default account
Crew member account
@rentmanclient account

Verify email domain name

By granting Rentman permission to actively send emails with your domain name, you can prevent your emails from being blocked by spam filters, and from being blocked completely.

Verifying your domain name costs 85 euro. We charge this fee, because we need to provide a custom and personal service by verifying your added DNS settings on our side.

This process consists of two steps:

  1. Adding DNS settings to your domain name (on your side)
    (ask your IT-manager about this)
  2. Letting us verify whether this has been set up correctly

After this, emails can be sent with your domain name.

Contact us directly when you want to have your address verified.

You can only verify one domain name for your Rentman account.

Consequences of non-verified address

Emails with your domain name in the sender address are sent by Rentman's own servers. To prevent abuse, spamfilters check the validity of the sender. They do this by verifying the domain name (part after the @).

Since Rentman is not the actual owner of your domain name, the e-mail may be blocked by a spamfilter. When this happens, the text via will be displayed next to the sender.

A different domain name could be suspicious to receiving email servers
Emails with a different domain name in the sender address can result in a lower spam score, which may cause the email to end up in the Spam folder and not be read. When the spam score is too low, emails may be blocked entirely.

Sending emails to yourself may cause problems
If you send emails to yourself when you've changed the sender address, the e-mails may be marked as suspicious. This is because your own mailserver manages your address, and it may not trust emails sent by Rentman in your name.

Images are not displayed in certain email clients
By default, images from non-verified addresses are not displayed in email clients such as Gmail. These e-mail clients do this because of safety reasons. When you verify your domain name, images are automatically loaded and correctly displayed for the receiver.

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