Handling defective equipment

You can book equipment as defect in the build Maintenance module and warehouse Warehouse module (Equipment Tracking add-on). You can then add a new repair for this equipment item in the build Maintenance module. You can choose whether the defective equipment item or serial number should remain in stock while it's being repaired, or not.

Quickly creating a repair slip is useful for your crew. In one overview, they will see which items (and serial numbers) need repairing.


Add a repair

  1. Go to the build Maintenance module, and then to the Repairs tab.
  2. Click + Add repair.
  3. In the Equipment field, search for your equipment item.
  4. Fill in the Serial number field, if applicable.
  5. Fill in the other options.
  6. Save your repair.

In the Rentman app

You can also add equipment repairs in the new Rentman App (Android & iOS).

  1. Go to the Equipment module.
  2. Open an item, physical or virtual combination.
  3. Go to the "Repairs" section.
  4. Click on "Add a repair".
  5. Fill in the options.
  6. Save.

Create a repair slip

Quickly creating a repair slip is useful for your crew - in one overview, they will see which items (and serial numbers) need repairing. 

  1. Go to the build Maintenance module.
  2. Select all equipment items that you want to include on the repair slip.
  3. Click the More options more_vert button.
  4. Click print Create repair slip, choose a repair slip template and desired settings.
  5. Generate  and   save  Save to item .

You can always find your repair slip when you select the included equipment items in the build Maintenance or category Equipment modules and click "Details".

Complete a repair

To mark a repair as complete:

  1. Select one or more repairs you want to mark as complete.
  2. Click the More options more_vert button.
  3. Select "Complete".

The repair will not disappear from the list, but the end date will now be shown in the "Until" column. If you don't see the "Until" column you can easily add it back.

If you want to see only the repairs yet to be completed, you can select the standard filter "Has not been repaired yet".

Repair options

  • Equipment - Search for the equipment item in your database.
  • Reported by - Choose which crew member reported this repair.
  • Assignee - Choose which crew member should repair this item.
  • External repair - If a third party will repair the item, choose the contact from your Contacts database.
  • Quantity - Specify an amount.
  • Repair period - Choose the time period (start/end) that should take to repair the item.
  • Costs - Specify the costs of this repair.
  • Usable:
    • Item cannot be used: This item or serial number will not remain in stock, and cannot be planned on projects during the start/end period.
    • Item can be used: This item or serial number will remain in stock, and can be planned on projects during the start/end period.
  • Remark - Add extra information for the person or company that will be repairing this item. This information can be displayed on your repair slip.
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