How do I display information per subproject on documents?

When generating a document within Rentman (invoice, quotation, contract, packaging slip, etc.), it is possible to display your data per subproject. 


Step 1: Configure your document template 

You can do this by making use of the subproject block when customizing your document template.

  1. Open the document template editor (Configuration > document templates > double-click on relevant document).
  2. Drag Subproject block into document. This block is marked in purple. 
  3. Drag the modules and blocks that you want to display per subproject into the subproject block. 

When the blocks and modules have been added successfully to the subproject block, they will show a purple background. 

 Step 2: Generate your document 

  1. Create the relevant document. 
  2. Choose which subproject you want to include via the "Selected subprojects" field.

    mceclip2.png         mceclip0.png
  3. Generate document. 


This is also explained in our webinar (39:08).

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