How do I structure my document templates?

Each template consists of different blocks and modules. You can add these to a template, and then configure each of these separately.

  • Blocks
    Blocks are things like a 2, 3, 4 or 6 columns section, a text block or a page break. Also things like a standard image or a horizontal line can be seen as blocks.
  • Modules
    The available modules in a template are different for each document type. For a quotation, you can add modules such as: "Equipment", "Crew functions", and "Summation". For an equipment slip, you can add a "Serial numbers" module, and for a crew member slip you can add a "Crew planning" and "Vehicle planning" module. Read edit module and edit columns for customization of your inserted module. 

Add a block or module:

  1. edit Edit a template.
  2. To add a block or module to your template, drag it from the sidebar on the right and drop it into your template.
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