What are invoice moments?

The invoice moments determine when a project is going to show up in the To be invoiced tab of the Invoices module.

You can invoice a project all in one go or split the invoice in up to three moments. The different moments are:

  • After agreement: the invoice has to be generated when a project gets confirmed.
  • Before the first day: the invoice has to be generated before the first day of the planning period of the project.
  • Afterward: the invoice has to be generated after the last day of the planning period.

To set up your invoice moments:

  1. Go to settings Configuration module Financial > Invoice Moments.
  2. Click on  + Add invoice moment  or double click on an existing invoice moment to edit it.
  3. Add a name, the name shown on the invoice, and what percentage of the project is going to be invoiced at which moment.

You can now assign a default invoice moment for each project type.

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