How do I add specific information or values to my documents?

You can add almost any information stored in Rentman to your template with variables. You can find a variable through a "variable path". For example: "Quotation details" > "Price excl. VAT" is a variable path that will call up the project price excl. VAT. This will generate for each project.

You might want, for example, to add some general information of your company in every invoice, such as the name and the address (street, city, zip code...).

  1. Drag and drop a new "Text block" in your template.
  2. Hover your mouse cursor over the "Text block" in your template and click edit.
  3. Select "Variable" in the toolbar.
  4. Select "Company details" 
  5. From the list, select the information you want : name of the company, street name, house number, country...

variable main gif.gif

In the variables, you'll access several categories.

  • In: Company details, you can enter all information concerning the company. 
  • In: Quotation, for example, you can enter the date and the link for digital signature.
  • In: Logged in user, you can enter details such as name and surname. 

Additionally, you now have the option to search for your desired variable by entering at least three characters into the search field.

search bar.gif

Tip: Add multiple variables at once by selecting "Show all variables" after step 3. This will allow you to select mceclip0.png multiple variables from the list to add at once.

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