How can I personalize my documents with CSS?

For your visual identity, Rentman allows you to create your own document styles. You can adjust the colors of headers and table contents, so they perfectly match your letterhead. Each document can have multiple styles.

To personalize your document style, please navigate to Configurations and then Document templates, and select the documents which you want to personalize with CSS. Then click on Edit.

Now you can either use a style which we already created for you, or you can create your own document style.

To use a document style from Rentman:

  • Open the Style menu by clicking text_format.
  • Click on "select theme" 
  • Choose a document style & click "select"
  • Save your changes

To create your own document style:

  • Adapt the "text", "headers" and "table module" according to your wishes
  • Save your changes on top of the entry fields ("save as a theme") and enter a name for your theme
  • Confirm your changes with "save"
  • You can now use your personalized theme for any new document template
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