How do I offer optional equipment?

When it comes to planning your equipment for a project, offering optional items can be a valuable strategy. You can mark equipment as optional for a project. This is useful for letting a customer choose between different physical items, physical combinations, or virtual combinations. Additionally, this allows you to offer extra items to a customer.


One important aspect to note is that the price for optional equipment is not included in the total price of your quotation.

To effectively present optional equipment in your quotation, you can make use of a quotation template that accommodates this feature. By default, the optional equipment will be listed alongside all other equipment in the quotation. However, you also have the option to create a separate section specifically dedicated to displaying the optional equipment.

In this article, we provide instructions for adding optional equipment and choosing your preferred display method.


In conclusion, offering optional equipment in your project quotations grants customers the freedom to select the items that best suit their needs. 

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