Features available if you are not a power user

Non-power users are mainly limited in that they cannot:

  • Create, edit, and delete projects
  • Create, edit, and delete invoices, contracts, and quotations
  • Export invoices, create payment reminders, and change payment statuses
  • Add crew members and edit the crew planner schedule
  • Send crew invites and planning emails
  • Access the settings Configuration module to configure advanced settings in Rentman

Tip: Depending on the permissions assigned, non-power users can potentially view/edit/delete inventory to help with setting up your equipment database.

A non-power user can (again dependent on permissions assigned) have access to the following features:

  • table_chartProjects
    • Access to a list of projects with information in the widgets.
  • eventMy schedule
    • See the planning of other crew members and change your own availability and that of others.
  • group_workWarehouse
    • Add equipment items to a project and set their price.
  • pollStatistics
  • dvr Sent messages
  • buildMaintenance
  • watch_laterTime registration
  • assignment_turned_inTasks 
  • categoryEquipment  
  • contact_phoneContacts
  • groupCrew members
  • local_shippingVehicles
  • Change your user details

Some features cannot be accessed if other features are off and some features of certain modules, such as Crew planner and Projects, are interconnected.

For example, when giving access to the Crew planner module to a crew member, you allow the crew member access to some features of the Projects module.

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