Please note this feature is only available for the Crew Standard & ProCrew Scheduling

Why the Job board is useful

The Job board is a feature within Rentman that streamlines the process of filling job positions for your crew. Instead of individually inviting crew members to specific gigs, you can post job opportunities, and your team can proactively apply for these positions themselves.

In some projects and for some functions, the crew planner does not need to assign specific individuals to them. This is where the Job board comes in handy. Using the Job board means you don't have to manually pick and invite crew members for each job, which ultimately saves you a lot of time and effort.

The Job board is a versatile tool (also available on Rentman's mobile app) that enables you to effortlessly communicate job openings to your team, who can then plan their involvement in upcoming projects. In essence, the Job board simplifies and accelerates the job allocation process by empowering crew members to self-select and book themselves for the jobs that match their availability and skills.

Getting started with the Job board

To use the Job board, you first need to create a project and add crew and transport functions to your project. 

Post jobs on the Job board

To post jobs on the Job board:

  1. Navigate to the Crew scheduling tab of your project. 
  2. Right-click on the function and select "Post on Job board"
  3. Select the due date and type of planning (draft or final). The draft/final labels will appear when crew members sign up for them on the Job board.
  4.  Click on Post on Job board
  5. Save

Job board 2.gif

You can also post jobs on the Job board from the account_circle Crew planner module following the same steps. 

job board crew planner.gif

Notifications for new functions are sent to crew members every 6 hours. Crew members can set up their notifications to opt out of receiving these notifications.

Sign up for jobs on the Job board

You can sign up for jobs on the Job board both on the web and on the app.

Sign up for jobs on the Job board on the web

  1. Navigate to the eventMy schedule module and select Job board.
  2. (Optional) Click on to sort the functions based on Due date, Time of the function, and Recently added.
  3. Select a function to see more details.
  4. Click on Sign in to apply for the job.
  5. (Optional) Click on Decline to remove the function from your Job board view.

sign in job board.gif

Sign up for jobs on the Job board on the app

  1. Open Invitations and select the Job board tab.
  2. Select a function to see more details.
  3. Click on Apply to sign up for the function.

job board app.gif

Note: The Job board does not take into account the scheduling conflicts or crew member availabilities.

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