How can I track services in Rentman?

While Rentman does not have a dedicated feature for tracking sold services and licenses, you can employ a few practical workarounds to track the sale of your services or licenses.

You can use an empty sale virtual combination to sell and track licenses or additional prepping fees for specific equipment. This approach enables you to incorporate these costs into the project planning without displaying them to your warehouse workers during equipment bookings for the project.

Read this article to learn about creating equipment items, and visit this article to learn more about equipment types and combinations in Rentman.

For services requiring resource planning, such as scheduling crew members for pre-production tasks, you can utilize functions within the software.

Read this article to learn what functions are and how you can create them.

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You can also use additional costs to charge for similar services in your projects. For example, you can add hotel costs for the crew members as an additional cost to the project.

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