In Rentman you can handle sale as well as rental equipment. The items most rental companies sell are consumables (Gaffa tape, fog machine liquid, etc) but you can sell every type of equipment, according to your business. 

In this article, we explain how to manage availability and stock level of your sale items.


Adjusting the stock

After creating a sale item, you can manually adjust its stock level. 

  1. Go to the category Equipment module and double-click on a sale item to open it.
  2. Go to the Stock tab. Here you have 3 options
    1. Enter or schedule a delivery
    2. Enter or schedule a reduction
    3. Enter a stock correction

Critical stock

When creating a sale item, in the Data tab you can set up a critical stock level. This is the level at which you would like to replenish this item, in order to avoid running out completely. You have the option of filter_list filtering for all items that have reached their critical stock level in the category Equipment module.

Availability timeline for sale items

The availability timeline of sale items has 4 rows:

  • Equipment name: The first row shows the amount of an item that is (un)available based on your planning. If you plan more than you have available, this row turns red.
  • Warehouse bookings: This row shows the stock level based on the amount of equipment that was booked out of the warehouse.
  • Planned projects: This row shows the expected future stock changes based on the number of planned items. The amounts in this row are replaced by the warehouse bookings (and shown in red) once the items actually go out.
  • Stock changes: This row shows the stock changes independent from projects, so the ones that you manually enter in the tab "stock" in the category Equipment module.


Warehouse workflow for sale items

Equipment Tracking

The stock level of a sale item does not change when the item is planned, but only when it's booked out of (and back in) the warehouse. This happens because the number of sale items that goes out and comes back in the warehouse might differ from the number you plan.

You can do this both in the browser version and in the app version of Rentman.

If you have an Equipment Scheduling Standard license, you can change the stock manually.

Selling your rental equipment

Sometimes you might want to sell some equipment you usually rent and take it off from your stock. To do this you can:

  1. Duplicate the rental item you want to sell.
  2. In the Data tab of the item, change it from Rental to Sale.
  3. Manually decrease the stock amount of the rental item with the amount you are selling.
  4. Book the newly created sale item on a project (to get the stock to 0)

If you sold the full quantity of an equipment item and do not want it in your database anymore, you can archive the old item.

Adding a note to the item with an explanation of what changed is an easy way to keep track of why the stock changed.

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