How to bulk edit items

In Rentman, you have the option to edit multiple items at once. Sometimes, you need to change a discount for multiple customers, a location in warehouse for equipment items or hours in contract for crew members. This article will explain how to perform bulk edits in Rentman, to save you lots of time. 

You can also bulk edit your equipment items by updating your database. This works by exporting your current database, and then uploading your edited .XLSX file to Rentman.


Bulk edit

  1. Go to a module where you would like to bulk edit, like the category Equipment module.
  2. Select select_1.png the items you would like to change.
  3. Click on the edit " Edit" button.
  4. Select the fields you want to edit, and change the values.


Note: For the equipment module, some values can only be changed for items, and others only for virtual combinations. For example, you cannot change the quantity for virtual combinations, since this is calculated based on the content of the virtual combination. Make sure to select equipment with the right equipment type, when editing in bulk. You can use filters to only display items or virtual combinations in the Equipment module.

Note for contacts and equipment

Changes made to the values of your equipment database are not automatically applied to items that have already been planned. If you change the price of an item in your database, this price change will only apply to items that are planned after this change has been made. If you'd like to also update equipment that's already planned in a project, check out this article on how to update planned equipment.

The same goes for contacts. If you would like to apply for example the new discounts you have for contact A, you should delete and re-add contact A to the project to update the values. You have to accept the pop-up to overwrite the (discount) values in the project.


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