I can't see my project in the project overview

It can be frustrating when you are looking for your project in the table_chartProjects module, but you can't find it. Try the options below and hopefully your project will pop up.


Time period not corresponding

Most projects have a time schedule with a usage and planning period. In the table_chartProjects module, projects are shown based on the time period you select. If you can't see your project, it can be the case that (a part of) the planning period of the project is not corresponding with the selected time period. To change the time period, take the following steps:

  1. Go to the table_chartProjects module.
  2. Click date_range
  3. Select a time period, as in the example below.


No time period

Sometimes, your project doesn't have a time period. No specified times can be useful for sale projects, where you don't know when the actual sales of the equipment items take place. 

To find such projects, select "Without date" when choosing a date in date_range.

Options in project view selected

In the table_chartProjects module, you can select different views. At the top right, you can select one of the four options:

  • filter_listList: The projects will be shown in a list.
  • date_rangePer day: The projects will be grouped per day.
  • eventCalendar: The projects will be shown in a calendar overview.
  • access_timeTimeline: The projects will be shown in a timeline overview.

In the latter three cases, you can select which project days you want to show. You can select all days or a combination of the following:

  • Equipment in
  • Equipment out
  • Need crew
  • Need transport

These options can prevent a project from popping up when searching for it. Keep these settings in mind and use them in your advantage.

Your project doesn't meet filter requirements

Filters can be useful to narrow down your search for projects. However, filtering also means that some projects will be hidden. If you can't find your project, make sure you are not having any filters or tags selected, which can prevent your project from showing up.

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