Your whole Rentman experience always starts with login. Issues with logging in will be discussed in this article.


Correct URL

When log in to Rentman, it is important to first navigate to the right login-URL. There are two types of URLs, namely the regular login that leads you to a specific workspace or the profile login that guides you to an overview of all your connected workspaces. 

Regular login - Specific workspace 

Your workspace name looks like this when you have a regular login: Here you can log in with your username + password. 

Global profile login - Multiple workspaces 

When you have a global profile, your workspace name is not shown in the URL, so you should go to: Here you can log in with your email address + password. 

Read here about the differences between a Rentman profile and workspace. 

Read here for Global profile (login) troubleshooting.

Request password change

Forgetting passwords is always part of life, and it can happen to everyone. When you forget your Rentman password, there are two ways of getting it back: 

1. To request a new password, you have to go to your workspace URL. Here you can select "Forgot password?". After this, you have to fill in your email address, and you will receive an email with information about the next steps.

2. Ask the account administrator of the Rentman account you're trying to log in to adjust your password. Please note that this is only possible if you do not have a global login. 


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