How do I plan crew and vehicles on functions?

In Rentman, you plan crew members and vehicles on "functions". Before you can start planning, you must add these functions to your project.

When you've added functions, you can start planning in the following ways:

  • Plan from within the Crew scheduling and Transport planning tabs in your project 
  • Use the account_circle Crew planner module

In this article, we explain the difference between these two options and provide links to the right article for these topics.


Plan from within a project

The Crew scheduling and Transport planning tabs of your project provide a simple overview of the functions you've created for your project. These two tabs feature many functionalities and allows you to start planning your crew members and vehicles on the functions that you've added to that project.

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Use the Crew planner module

The account_circle Crew planner module provides a better overview of your crew and transport functions by showing the functions of all your projects in a single overview. This module is useful for companies with more extensive planning workflows. The account_circle Crew planner module also features extra functionalities to make planning easier.

The account_circle Crew planner module is a good fit for your company when:

  • You spend a lot of time planning crew and transport.
  • You have multiple projects or shifts running at the same time.
  • You move crew members or vehicles around between projects regularly.
  • You don't know the exact time periods for a function yet when you are sending out a quotation.
  • You need more (extended) functionalities.

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