How do I plan items on a project?

In the Equipment tab, you find your equipment list with your items, kits, and cases on the left column. You can use the search function to quickly look for an item in your database.

Planning items from your database

To plan an item, you have two options:

  • double click - on the item. This will copy one item from your database to the planning
  • enter a quantity - by clicking on the right side (under the quantity column) a text field will open where you can enter a manual quantity.

Automatically plan equipment with kits, cases, and accessories

Kits, cases, and accessories speed up your planning process.

Planning kits: The content of a kit (unlike the content of a case) can be changed. Click on chevron_right to open the kit. When kits are opened the number of items in the kit can directly be changed.

If you change the content of a kit inside a project, you can keep the same kit price or edit the kit price based on the new content. To do this, select mceclip0.png the kit, click on the More actions more_vert  button and choose 'Edit kit price based on content'.

Planning with accessories: accessories are equipment items automatically or optionally planned in your project when planning that equipment item. Example: when planning a moving head light you might want to add a rain cover if the event is outside.

Adding a temporary item or comment line

Temporary items: Temporary items are useful to add a custom item for a specific project. A temporary item is not in your stock, and will therefore directly show as a shortage.

to add a temporary item:

  1. Click next to  + Equipment group  on the More actions more_vert button

  2. Choose 'Add temporary equipment'.

Comments: With comments, you can add information to your packing slip or quotation.

to add a comment:

  1. Click next to  + Equipment group  on the More actions more_vert button

  2. Choose Comment line.

Equipment availability when planning equipment

When planning items, Rentman takes your equipment availability into account. If you plan more items than what you have in stock, the item will become red to highlight the shortage. To see more information on the equipment availability open the availability timeline.

  1. Select mceclip0.png an equipment item.
  2. Click watch_later Open timeline
  • Reserving equipment - When your project is confirmed equipment is automatically reserved. By reserving equipment, you make sure that the equipment is set aside for the project.
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