How to add serial numbers to physical combinations

Knowing exactly what serial number is in an equipment combination allows you to be more organized and run your warehouse more accurately.

Serial numbers for physical combinations

Just like equipment items that can have serial numbers, your equipment combinations also can be serialized.

Let's say you have a "DJ Booth case". After completing all the steps, you have added a serial number for one specific physical combination. If you have 5 physical combinations in your stock, you could add 4 more serial numbers (for every physical combination) to distinguish your 5 different "DJ Booth cases". 

Add content for serial numbers in physical combinations

By going through the following steps, you are able to add specific serialized content for each serialized physical combination:

  1. Go to the Serial numbers tab of the physical combination.
  2. Select a physical combination, click the More options more_vert button and select "Assign serial numbers".
  3. Select for each item the correct serial numbers
  4. Repeat this step for each physical combination! 
  5. Confirm

Alternatively, when you scan serialized items in your physical combinations, the exact serial numbers of those serialized items will be assigned to that specific physical combination. 

Assigning serialized physical combinations in a project 

The next step is to ensure that you plan the correct serialized physical combination while planning your project. Here's how you can do that:

  1. Access the project you are planning for and add a serialized physical combination to the project.
  2. Select a physical combination, click the More options more_vert button, and select "Assign serial numbers".
  3. Select the physical combination you want to be assigned to the project 
  4. Confirm
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