Freelancers work for different companies, and in high season - this can become pretty chaotic. Multiple companies schedule you on jobs, provide you with project information such as the location and the team members, making it difficult to keep track of everything. Here is where Rentman can help.

This guide helps you discover how to use Rentman, so you are fully prepared when it is time to work. You will find links in this guide that lead you to more information about the described topics.

If you are lost or stuck at any point in the process, do not hesitate to ask our Support team for help in the bottom right corner of your screen. They will be happy to assist you.

One thing that might be important for you is that many companies from the AV and Event industry use Rentman. This means that if you work with different companies scheduling you on their projects through Rentman, you will be able to access any of their workspaces from your app. One overview on your phone with when and where you are expected to be. This comes  quite handy, don’t you think?

Modules required

  • event My Schedule
  • assignment_turned_in Tasks
  • watch_later Time registration

But first things first, make sure you are logged into Rentman on your browser and app. Are you in your workspace? Perfect! Everything you see is what a "power user" in the account of the company let you have access to. If you need to see more or maybe less, this is something you will need to ask them. 

What does your schedule look like?

How-to: My schedule module

This is where you see your schedule, what is expected from you, where you will work, etc. This is also where you will indicate to your employer if you are available or not, so they know if they should schedule you or not.

1 - If you work for several companies using Rentman, select the workspace of the one you want to tell you are available.

2 - Go to “event My Schedule” and pick a date you know for sure you would be available for a job. Click on that specific day in the schedule and select availability. The availability should be set as “available”.

3 - Log into the Rentman mobile app and select a date you know for sure you would be available for a job. Click on the + icon in the bottom right corner of your screen. Add your availability there.

As you save the information, you will see that the day is now green. That tells your employer that you will be available, and they should think of you for a job if they have anything suitable for you. On the other hand, you can also tell them if you are not available.

4 - Pick a date you know for sure you won't be able to work. Click on that specific day in the schedule and select availability. The availability should be set as “unavailable”. Do the same in the mobile app.

In that module, you will also be able to see the invitations you have received and the functions you are scheduled on. 

Talking about invitations, here we are. A project manager needed someone with your skills and invited you for a function. If not, ask the Power User of the account (the admin basically) to send you an invitation for this practice run. 

5 - Set your preferences to decide where you want to receive the notifications of your invitations. You will need to click on the notifications_none notification icon and then go to their settings. You can select several ways to receive notifications. Make sure to use the most relevant ones in your everyday life. 

6 - Have a look at your event My Schedule again. If a Power User invited you for a function, it should be there. Answer it.

Your screen should look similar to this


7 - As you have accepted the invitation, a function has been created in your schedule. Do you see it? Click on it to see all information you have access to. 

8 - Log in to the Rentman mobile app. If you are busy one day, you will see a blue dot under the day on your Schedule. Tap on it to see the information you need.

Are there any tasks for you?

How-to: Create and assign tasks

Warning: you may not have all rights in this module. Ask your Power User if needed. 

9 - Ask a Power User to assign you a task. Once it is done, go to the assignment_turned_in Tasks module, select the task and click on complete to indicate that it is done.

If you have the rights to edit tasks, you will be able to add notes and files if needed. 

The tasks are not in the mobile app, you will only receive a notification, but you won’t see the task in the app. 

How do you clock your worked hours?

How-to: Enter your time registration

Warning: you may not have all rights in this module. Ask your Power User if needed

Depending on the company you are working with, they may ask you to register your time. This means that you may be scheduled for a function, but you also need to clock the time you actually work. What if you had to work an extra half hour? This is something your employer needs to know.

In Rentman, there are two ways to register your time. It can be afterwards or a clock in/clock out system while you are working. It is very likely that your employer will have a preferred way for you to register your time, so it is best to ask before. This section will cover both possibilities:

10 - Go to the access_time time registration module of the mobile app and select the function you are scheduled on. This will start the timer. Let it run without closing your app.

If you do not see the function, click on that icon

The function should then show:


If not, click on the other icon, the filter, to select the time period you want. 

11 - Go to Rentman on your computer, in the browser version, and go to the watch_later Time Registration module. Click on Add time registration to create an entry. Just set the dates and link it to an activity. 

An activity is a function for which you have been scheduled. It shows on the right side


12 - Go back to the mobile app, to the time registration module and clock out by clicking again on the registration running and press the stop button. 

Your employer is now up to date with the latest information they need when it comes to your worked hours. You can add activities that are not linked to functions, but make sure to enter your own description 

Done! You will never lose overview again of the jobs you’re planned on by Rentman users. Good luck with your future projects! 

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