During the quoting phase, the project manager needs to calculate crew member costs and prices based on different criteria to make sure the project is profitable. One key factor here is to charge the client accordingly based on the crew costs with a margin (This varies per company and client).
With the given time schedule of the event, the crew costs can be estimated more precisely. With the custom pay rates, it is possible to:

  • Combine hourly and daily rates

  • Apply factors on hourly and daily rates

Set up custom rates

There are two types of custom rates, which you can further apply to crew members (Cost rates) or functions (Price rates).  You can add and edit them in settings Configuration module > Financial > Crew rates

Here you can manage your staff rates. This ensures that you always charge the correct rate and have a proper insight into actual crew costs and margins. When you change rates here, this new rate will only apply to newly scheduled positions and crew members. Existing positions and scheduled crew will keep the old rate.

Adding custom rates

  1. Click + Add rate
  2. Choose Price rate or Cost rate 
  3. Give the custom rate name
  4. Click on + Add rate factors to scale rates by hours

Global vs. individual rate for crew

A single crew member might have different skills, for example technician, DJ, and driver. In the Rates tab, you can configure different rates for each member on an individual level. 

You can also apply global rates that you created in settings Configuration module to a specific crew member in the Rates tab by clicking on the button + Link rate

Bulk edit crew 

To apply the same global rate to multiple crew members in one go 

  1. Select crew in your group Crew members module
  2. Click on the 3 dots more_vert
  3. Click on Add rates
  4. Select a global cost rate and + Save
  5. (Optionally) make this rate default

How are the factors calculated

In sum, price rates and cost rates consist of multiple rates split over specific hourly units. 

In the example of Crew Rate 2022 (see screenshot below) the first rate covers Hours till 10,00. This means that if a crew member works from 0:01 to 9:59 hours, a Fixed rate of €700,00 is applied.

Afterwards, perhaps every additional hour after 10 hours is considered overtime, an additional Hourly rate of €100,00 is applied. 


The overall calculation can be found in the planned or actual costs in the Finance tab of a project. 

The totals are not summed up per rate. 

Tip: If further Hourly rates are calculated based on a percentage of the previous Hourly rate, it is possible to make this calculation in the according input field. Example:


How can I use day rates as charges?
We generally recommend to set up crew functions per day and connect them to the time schedule but we also know that some customers just want to quote and plan for total days like:
2 x 2 stage technicians for 2 days
You can add a price rate and set up day rates for each day 24 hours / 48 hours / 72 hours / … and set a fixed rate accordingly.
How can I apply a half day rate or minimum charge?
Same applies for half day rates and minimum charges, by basically setting those thresholds for the hours accordingly. Examples for a 5 hours rate:
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