By adding crew members to your team, you can start planning them on projects. Your crew members can log in to Rentman to check their own schedule, and work in the modules to which they have access.

If you want to quickly add all of your crew members at once, importing your crew members is a better option. When importing your crew members, requests are sent automatically.


Add a crew member

  1. Go to the people Crew members module and choose  + Add crew member
  2. The following login details are required (minimum):

    first name - your crew member's first name.
    user role - determines the rights and permissions for this person.
    email - your crew member's email address. Note: Once you add a crew member, an email will be sent to their provided email address. Read this article to learn how to set up a profile in Rentman
  3. Fill in the remaining details in the Data tab (see paragraph below).

Please note that invitations expire after 30 days. You can resend an invitation from the corresponding button when editing the crew member.

Data tab

Under the Data tab, you can fill in things such as login information, settings, and address information. 

Contact information

Fill in the contact information you have from your crew member. For the email address, fill in the email address which was used by the crew member to create their Rentman account.

Address information

Fill in the address information you have from your crew member. 


Add a description for your crew member.


You can see your crew member's schedule here. To learn more about the Crew schedule card, visit this article.

Open invitations

See all the open invitations for this crew member here. As the crew planner, you can accept or decline the invitation for the crew member, or withdraw it from here. You can also send reminders for open invitations.

send reminders for open invitations.gif

Login information

Can log in
Choose Yes if the crew member is currently employed by you. If you choose No, the crew member cannot log in to their Rentman account. This is useful for people that no longer work for you. We recommend that you do not delete a crew member because all of their past data will be lost.


Choose the folder where this crew member should be stored. If you want to create a new folder, read our article about creating your folder structure.


Crew Scheduling Essential

If you hire crew members from an employment agency, you can create an account for the agency and select Can be used multiple times at the same time (hiring company). This makes it easy to plan multiple crew members that were recruited from the same employment agency.

Display in planner

Crew Scheduling Essential

If you select Yes, this crew member will be displayed in the crew planner and can be planned on a function. If you select No, the crew member will not be shown and cannot be planned. This is useful for people that don't work for you anymore, or people who always work from the office.

Use tags to add skills

You can use tags to add skills to a crew member, such as DJtruck driver, or forklift driver. This is useful to quickly filter in the Crew members module, and for planning the right person on the right job.

Administrative tab

Crew Scheduling Essential

Personal details
Here you fill in things such as birthdate, passport number and hours in contract.

Company details
Here you fill in things such as company name and CoC number, which can be useful when a crew member is a freelancer and working at another company.

Copy from the crew member profile

If Yes, crew members must add their information themselves and power users are unable to edit their profile. If No, crew members can't add the information themselves and their details must be entered by a power user. 

Rates tab

Crew Scheduling Pro

Crew rates are useful to keep track of project costs. A single crew member might have different skills, for example technician, DJ, and driver. In the Rates tab, you can configure different rates for each member:

  1. Go to the Rates tab.
  2. Choose  + Add rate
  3. Fill in the name, hourly rate, and daily rate.
  4. Fill in the maximum number of hours. When a crew member goes over this number of hours in a day, the hourly rate is charged on top of the daily rate.

After creating a rate, you can choose to have this rate as default by clicking on it and pressing Make default

When planning your crew members from within a project or from the 'Crew planner' module, you can choose one of these configured rates or fill in a custom rate.


I am not a power user. What features are available for me?

Create a new crew member with the name of the employment agency. For example, "Randstad". Then, choose one of the options in the Availability field. This allows you to plan the same 'crew member' multiple times.

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