Plan equipment on a project

In Rentman, you can plan your equipment items, virtual and physical combinations, and accessories. Within the Equipment tab of your project, you have the ability to determine which items to include in your plan and how they will be presented on your quote.

How to find the right equipment

On the left of the Equipment tab of your project, you can see the equipment in your database.

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There are different ways to find the right equipment in your equipment database:

1. Search
The search function allows you to look for items and physical or virtual combinations quickly. You can type the name of your equipment in the search bar to find it.

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2. Tags and folders
You can organize your equipment database using tags and folders. These allow you to find the items you are looking for more quickly.  To open a folder, click on the small arrow next to the folder icon.


You can filter the shown items in a module by clicking on the label tags expand_more button and selecting your tag(s).

tags equipment.gif
3. Smart suggestions
The smart suggestion tab provides you with the top 5 most relevant equipment items that you can directly add to your project. The top 5 is based on:
  • Equipment that is often booked together
  • Equipment that is often booked in a certain type of project
  • Order within the equipment group
  • Selected client
  • Selected location
You can open or close the smart suggestions tab by clicking on the small arrow.

smart suggestion.gif

How to plan equipment

Planning items from your database

You can plan equipment on your project in several ways: 

  • Add items individually - add items individually by double-clicking on the item. This will copy one item from your database to the planning
  • Add items in quantity - by clicking on the right side (under the quantity column) a text field will open where you can enter a manual quantity.  add equipment.gif
  • Add multiple different items at once - you can select multiple items, and add them all at once.  After selecting the first item, you can continue your search by clicking on the magnifying glass. add multiple.gif
Quickly plan items using shortcuts
  1. Select the search field with Alt + F and insert search.  
  2. Press Enter to select first item row. 
  3. Optional: Press Esc to deselect the current row and go back to the search bar 
  4. Navigate through the items with the up down arrow keys.
  5. Select the number column by hitting the space bar or any number key. 
  6. Insert the numbers of items that you would like to add. 
  7. Press Enter to add the equipment item to the planning. 

Note: You can organize your planned equipment by putting them into equipment groups.

Importing items into your project

Alternatively, you can import your equipment directly into your project. Here is how.

Plan a specific serial number on a project

  1. Select check.png an item in your project and click the More actions more_vertbutton.
  2. Choose 'Assign serial numbers'. The pop-up screen that opens shows an overview of your serial numbers and their availability.
  3. Select your preferred serial number and choose  Confirm  to book it for the project.

assign serial number.gif

The serial number you've selected will be visible on the packing slip and in the booking screen of your warehouse module.

Add a temporary equipment

You can also add equipment to a project that you do not have in your database. Learn more about temporary equipment items here.

Equipment timeline

The timeline in the Equipment tab of your projects offers valuable information about equipment availability. It displays inventory data of the selected articles in color-coded bars. 

To open the equipment timeline:

  1. Go to the Equipment tab of a project or to the category Equipment module.
  2. Select a physical single equipment or virtual/physical combination.
  3. Click the watch_later "Open timeline" icon to view your equipment on the timeline.

equipment timeline.gif

You can find a complete list of all the colors and their meanings in this article.

Note: The Equipment tab in your project allows you to edit details of planned items or combinations (for example, the rental price) without affecting the equipment database. This allows you to modify and customize your equipment to meet the needs of specific projects and clients without changing the database.

Equipment reservations

The equipment you plan on a project is not reserved unless the project's status is Confirmed. However, you can manually reserve equipment for a specific project.

This is especially useful when you have equipment shortages and want to prioritize one project over the other. 

To learn how to reserve equipment for projects, read this article.


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