In this guide you will learn how to keep a good overview of your daily tasks and projects, create your first quote and all the other things involved with account management. You will find links in this guide that lead you to more information about the described topics.

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Modules required

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  • contact_phone Contacts
  • assignment_turned_inTasks 

But first things first, make sure you are logged into Rentman on your browser and app. Are you in your workspace? Perfect! Everything you see is what the Power User of the account of the company let you have access to. If you need to see more or maybe less, this is something you will need to ask them. 

If you have trouble logging in, this article might help you to get back in your account.

The Dashboard - keeping a good overview 

As an account manager, you want to keep a good overview of your agenda, the projects you manage, and the tasks of the day. This will help you prioritize your tasks and stay organized. The dashboard could be the ideal starting point to your day and a good tool to come back to once in a while to keep yourself up to date. 

You can customize the dashboard to your own needs and display for example your tasks, calendar and an overview of the generated and expected revenue. 

How-to: Configure your dashboard

1 - Create a new dashboard and include some widgets that provide information that you think is helpful during your work.

Widgets are little boxes of information. They, for example, can display the revenue over a certain period of time or your upcoming tasks.

2 - Try out the dashboard to see if you have added the widgets you need. If not, just edit the dashboard and try out some more!

Create your first project

A project is the basis of your work in Rentman. In a project, you plan the equipment the client needs, the crew that is required, and you create a quote based on that information. 

How-to: Create a project

3 - With the help of the first step in the guide above, add a new project to Rentman. This can be a real project or you could first try with some fake data.

4 - Use the info in step 2 to add some equipment to your newly created project. If you still need to add equipment to Rentman to plan on projects the following guide can help you: Rentman Academy - Implement your equipment database.

5 - In the next step, add a couple of functions to your project. If you still need to add default functions to Rentman to plan on projects, follow the steps described in this article: Set up default functions.

In this step, we first plan a function, and later on you plan a crew member on  this function. A function is a description, such as a light technician or a truck driver. This is what you quote to the client. Later on, usually once the project is confirmed, you determine which one of the crew members is going to be planned on that light technician job.

Manage your contacts

Managing your contacts and storing them is important for an account manager, so you never lose a deal. These contacts can for example include your leads, your clients, the locations the events are taking place and other rental companies you might subrent from. 

It could be that many contacts have already been added to Rentman. As an account manager, adding new contacts and editing them will most likely be a continuous process.

How-to: Implement your contacts list

6 - Add or edit some contacts to Rentman with the help of the guide above. Include some clients and locations. 

7 - Add a client and location to the project you created earlier.

Send a quote to your client

You have now added equipment, functions and client details to your newly created project. Good job! Now it is time to send your client a quote for everything. 

How-to: Create a quote

8 - Generate a quote for the project you created in step 1. 

9 - Email the quote to your client or yourself to test this process

Manage your tasks

Tasks can be very helpful to manage your daily “to-do’s”. Think of for example tasks like “Call client to discuss quote”. You can create stand-alone tasks, but you can for example also connect them to specific projects or contacts. This way, you will never forget that one thing you always need to check for every project!

How-to: Create and assign tasks

10 - Create a couple of tasks. Some stand-alone tasks, but also tasks that you create for the project you have created. 

11 - “Perform” a task and set it to complete.

Invoice your client

Finally! You have added everything to the project, your client approved the quote you sent them, and now it is time to send them the final invoice. 

How-to: Rentman Academy - Invoice your customers

12 - Generate an invoice to send to your client by following the steps from the guide above.

Handle your subrent requests

It can happen that you run out of available equipment and you subrent from a colleague to solve a shortage. If that colleague happens to use Rentman as well, you can directly exchange subrent requests between your Rentman accounts. The other user will receive your request and can confirm digitally. Quite helpful!

How-to: Turn a subrent request into a project

Well done! You managed your first project successfully. Life as an account manager can be stressful, so check out our resources to help you work faster and more productively. On to many more projects!

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